Minimal Dining Room progress and design dilemmas

Minimal Dining Room progress and design dilemmas

Happy Spring everyone! How are you?

Let’s talk about minimalism, minimal dining room progress more specifically and a huge dilemma that came with it (huge for my obsessed mind, that is.) Strangely I think I might have solved it while writing this post but instead of deleting it, I thought I would ask you if you think I made a good choice? Counting on you here my friends!

You might remember from my Instagram that right before we moved it we had an unexpected pipe leek which led to small bathroom renovaion and wall plastering from the dining room side. Before that we already had painted the wall in a pretty, light grey shade and I was quite sad to see it disappear under the concrete mix. When the team finished working on the wall, I actually liked the raw look (it’s not easy to live with me!) and kept it for a while. One of the reasons was to take some photos with this photogenic background, yes, you know me well, but also to make up my mind whether we should paint it again or keep the texture. I wasn’t sure what to do.

Few weeks later, I think I found a solution. I like the concrete look, don’t get me wrong but I’m not sure this is the right wall for it as there are already two colors (dark grey and light grey in the same area and all together it seems too much). So I decided to move the concrete wall.

Wait, what?

Ok, let me explain, I won’t be physically moving the wall, although it is tempting. I thought about recreating that texture look in my studio, where I take many product photos for clients. As for the dining room, we will most likely go back to the original plan and paint it with light grey shade. It sounds right, at least for now.

Apart from the wall dilemma, the room is still missing quite a lot. Ohh the list is long:  new chairs, cupboards, plants, Art on the wall, possibly rug just to name a few, but I already like it, thanks to the new lamp and table. The Formakami pendant by Jaime Hayon is one of my current favourite lamps and a wooden table (from Casashops) adds warmth to the minimal dining space. I think it’s a nice combination, what do you say?

Thanks for letting me bother you with my dilemmas today. I hope to hear your thoughts!

Styling and photos: Agata Dimmich / PASSIONSHAKE


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