Minimal designs from Melo Studio

Minimal designs from Melo Studio

When there is a new, beautiful home decor label to watch.

I watch.

I sigh.

I admire.

I pin.

I shop.

With every new collection that process starts all over again! Does it sound familiar to you?

That’s exactly what happened when I first saw Melo Studio’s designs. Melo can be definitely described as handcrafted minimalism. Combining my favourite airy, Scandinavian aesthetics that remove all the unnecessary clutter. I just adore the simplicity with focus on quality materials which come straight from the heart of Sweden.

It’s a philosophy I am trying to follow at my own home, being more conscious about my choices and determined when it’s time for decluttering. I believe that a perfect home is created, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Would you agree? Living with less helps us focus on things we abslutely love, making each object special and meaningful. I think that Melo Studio does an excellent job with creating those special items! Have a look at some of my favourite designs:

You can see more products here: Melo Studio.

Photos: Melo Studio



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