Minimal Christmas decorations

Minimal Christmas decorations

Are you team total Christmas look or team minimal details?

I love Christmas and Christmas decorations that’s why I think I might be somewhere in-between. I can’t imagine Christmas without a tree, twinkling lights around the house but I try to keep the details minimal. If you know me, you noticed that I tend to follow the rule ‘less is more’ when it comes to styling my home so the upcoming Holiday is no exception. I’d rather devote the extra funds to buying gifts for friends and family, and with the bill tracking app I use, I should be better off than usual. The truth is, I believe that we don’t need the entire house decorated to introduce that festive atmosphere – a tree or some greens, few details and candle lights will do the trick. I try to choose timeless pieces that can be reused year after year and opt for sustainable materials such as paper or twigs to create a natural, cosy atmosphere.

Following these thoughts, here is the newest  addition to our home. A simple branch I brought back with me the other day, decorated with my favourite ornaments – paper origami. I just love the colors and shape so much I could literally hang them everyone (and actually kind of did!) I’ve got them hanging on the kitchen rail, on door handles, on shelves, on our tree and now also here. I guess that’s the non-minimalist side taking over!

Speaking of wrapping gifts, the materials I am using this year include wrapping paper in the natural colors – recycled brown, white topped velvet ribbons. I think that a touch of velvet makes a simple wrap look rather stylish, would you agree?

Below you see a few photos of all the minimal details I am slowly introducing, there might be few more this year if the time allows!

I hope you enjoyed the minimal Christmas decorations and subtle touches around our home. I’m looking forward to see your Holiday decor dear friends.

Wishing you a wonderful afternoon!

Photos: Agata Dimmich / PASSIONSHAKE


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