Minimal and cosy bedroom styling

Minimal and cosy bedroom styling

Hello dear Passion shake readers! It´s Jaana here, back with my monthly “Home stories from Finland”.

If you red my previous column you already know that one of my aims for this year is to take better care of myself by making small improvements to my everyday life to balance the hecticness and to feel more energetic and rested. It all starts with a good night sleep. As a part of my “self-care year of 2019” I try to make sure I sleep more and better. I’m a little bit trouble sleeper and have struggled to get the sleep I need; I can spent hours just tossing and turning before I fall asleep. Because of that I’m not by far a morning person matter how hard I’ve tried. Good night sleep determine the course for the whole day that follows; a poor night´s sleep will drag you down, take a toll on your productivity and makes it harder to get things done efficiently while after a well-rested night you feel refreshed and full of energy. I have set a goal for myself to get eight hours sleep every single night. In addition I also try to make sure that my sleep is good quality and as restful as possible. That in mind I made few changes in my minimalistic bedroom. I wanted to enhance the placid vibe by creating a cozy and inviting space that calms for a good night sleep and where I woke up refreshed and well rested.

We spend roughly third of our lives sleeping or attempting to do so. Supportive mattresses that fits our needs, lightweight and breathable duvets and comfortable pillows plays really important role in sleep quality, so does the environment we sleep in. The room temperature and ventilation and also the atmosphere and the mood that the space reflect. That in mind it is safe to say that it is not indifferent how we furnish and decorate our bedrooms. Luckily with rather small changes to our sleeping environment and daily bed time habits we can make our bedrooms feel more relaxed and inviting and to improve the quality on sleep as well.

Bedroom is perhaps the room that we spend most of our time in; the space where we start and end our every day and relax in between. Bedroom as its best reflect serenity, feels inviting and tranquil and help us unwind and sleep better. Creating that calm interior to our bedroom starts by cleaning and decluttering the space. Well thought storage solutions keep the clothes and other everyday essentials organized and out of sight. When the room isn’t filled with piles of clothes and other distractions and reminders of undone home chores, mind can rest and get ready for the good night sleep ahead. Getting rid of all the clutter from a bedroom can be a difficult task in an everyday life but it is certainly worth trying out. Removing all unnecessary small items from the space it gives the room nice minimalistic feel. Add only few decorative elements that makes the room feel more personal. An art piece on the wall or a vase with flowers on a side table gives the bedroom nice luxurious feel without cluttering the space.

Colors set the overall mood for the space. For my bedroom I used soft earthy tones that for me reflects serene. This tone on tone color palette works especially well in bedroom making it feel restful and harmonious. Variety of different tones of neutrals gives the space its calm yet cozy vibe. Warm grey color of the wall, the wooden furnishing and flooring continues the same earthy ambiance. Bright white element balances the look and makes the room feel fresh, an ideal place to wake up in the morning.

Textiles are very important part of creating inviting bedroom decor. Pillows and throws adds texture to a room giving it soft layered look. With textile it´s easy to introduce a pop of color or a pattern in to a space. I added this mustard yellow throw to add a little bit of contrast and energy still keeping the color palette earthy. Most important textiles in bedroom are of course the bedding and lovely sheets is a must. I love good quality linen sheets; they only gets better and softer with each wash and the laid-back wrinkled look gives nice relaxed and contemporary vibe. With sheets my forever go to color is pure white. The look is so crisp and fresh that you can’t help but fall in to the covers and slumber. No wonder hotel favors white sheet in their rooms to achieve that luxurious and clean look for their customers.

Keeping the furnishing and decor minimal the bedroom feels light and airy. I used only items that serves a distinct purpose and kept decorative elements minimal. Books on a night stand, fresh or dried flowers on a vase and nice piece of art is all you need to make the room feel cozy and personal but still keeping the look very minimal. Latest addition to my bedroom is the headboard. Headboard gives the whole bed area a finished look but it also adds comfort and function as a back rest when reading magazines or eating breakfast in bed. Headboard I used is old one from Ikea that I upholstered with velvet fabric to add softness and little bit of luxurious feel in to the space. I chose warm grey color for the headboard so it blends nicely with the color of the wall.

One thing all functional room has in common is a good lighting that fits the purpose of the space. When it´s time to go to bed the room should be as dark as possible. Dimout or even blackout curtains blocks the light very effectively; darker the room more sleepy you get. It’s good to have multiple light sources in bedroom. Good combo is to have table lamp or other bedside lighting with dimmer along with overhead ceiling light which provide ambient light to the whole room. To wake up feeling energetic and refreshed we need natural sunlight first thing in the morning. The more natural sun light hits the room the better. By choosing light colors in to your bedroom you maximize impact of the light coming into the space what makes it feel brighter. If the room is really dark and have just small window openings, double the amount of light by using a mirror.

Carefully selected natural materials, good quality dreamy textiles, soft neutral tones and few of your favorite items to add personal finishing touches makes the atmosphere in the bedroom feel calm and cozy where you can spend quality time with a book, wind down and let go of the day´s stress and have a good night sleep and wake up well rested and energetic in the morning.

Hope you liked the column. See you next month!

Text, syling and photography: Jaana Niittynen

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Jaana, I love the tray! Would you share where to find that! Thank you!

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