Happy Christmas from Milano

Happy Christmas from Milano

Duomo Milano ChristmasI am one of those people who prefer to avoid Christmas fever, hence I normally stay out of Milan’s center in December. On the other hand I have to admit I would use any given chance to see all the sparkles in the Duomo area! You might have seen my Insta stories yesterday with Christmas markets, beautiful trees and twinkling lights – Milan is officially the most shiny city I’ve ever seen (after all, Italians do know how to make it shine bright!) I loved walking around the center and enjoying the festive mood and all the decorations. I even bumped into Santa! Where do you spend Christmas this year? What’s your city’s look?

Just very quickly as I’m sure we are all busy – have a wonderful and happy Christmas break. We are spending part of the break with family and friends, and part in the dolomites mountains – I still can’t decide which part is favourite but I surely can’t wait for the holiday to begin. Thankfully it’s only one day left! Happy Christmas dear friends!

Mercatino Duomo
Vittorio Emanuele Christmas

Milano Duomo

Christmas Milano

Christmas Milan

Pictures: Agata Dimmich




Ingrid Opstad

Beautiful photos! I also went in to Milano (managed two time in one week) but there was so many people… And I bumped into Santa too 🙂

I am home in Norway this Christmas as always, in a small city called Sandnes. There is not as much decorations as in Milano but a bit of festive spirit anyway.. Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

Ingrid |


What a sparkling Christmas celebration! Have a wonderful Christmas time!

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