Meet my new lamp from ILIUI

Meet my new lamp from ILIUI

lamp 39 (1 of 1)Hello everyone! How are you today? I’m happy to introduce you to my new, gorgeous lamp from ILIUI, which has recently arrived in my studio, from sunny Costa Blanca in Spain. As someone who really likes wooden, modern designs, geometric forms and use of eco materials, I am in awe of how cool the – FLEXO nº001 (XXL) lamp is.

The designs are hand-made by a lovely, Italian couple – Sara and Alessio, who upcycle materials, turning old tomatoe, olives or coffee cans into these spotlight fixtures! It’s hard to belive that this beauty used to be a food can, but the eco-friendly context, makes it even more interesting.

With a wide range of colors and different sizes available, I’m sure everyone can find their favorite. I decided to get the classic design, as I’m all about wood-white combinations, which fit well in my studio. Apart from the great look, I love it’s character and how handy it is – the wheels at the base, make the lamp easy to move, the wooden structure allows displaying small items on it – for example a plant, your bag, radio or a piece of clothing when you are in a rush.

I try to avoid leaving clothes around the house, but then you know… ‘life happens’ and you need something to hang things on (yep, totally guilty!)

lamp 35 (1 of 1)

lamp 2

lamp 42 (1 of 1)

lamp 4 (1 of 1)So here it is! How do you like it? To me, a good lamp is essential to see things in a ‘good light’ and Flexo was definitely a  right choice. If you like it too, you can get it from ILIUI Etsy shop. Apart from the lamps, there are a few different, eco friendly products available so make sure to check them out here. 

Have a great evening guys!

Pictures and styling: Agata Dimmich /Passion shake



Oh wauw! Love it! So cool that it is made out of cans!


    I agree, great idea and fantastic result! 🙂


Fantastyczna Agatko!!!


    Dziękuję Syl! Też strasznie mi się podoba! :)) Buziaki x


It looks so smart and nice!


    it’s a great lamp! 🙂

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