Marangoni Show – How to Design & Style a Club for a Fashion Brand

Marangoni Show – How to Design & Style a Club for a Fashion Brand

Marangoni Design Show

You know me pretty well by now – when there is a chance to dive into a sea of inspiration, filled with creativity, interesting projects and bubbly drinks – I’m in!

A wildly stylish Marangoni Design Degree Show 2017, which I attended last week was all that and so much more revealing young talents and their uncommon ideas. The event, held in Super Studio focused on featuring best projects in 4 categories: interior design, product design, visual design and accessories design, all with great concept and interactive presentation to inspire the audience.

Marangoni Design Show - Maison Margiela

I found particularly interesting the Interior Design category – where all top 3 projects, focused on designing the music club for the same fashion brand –  Maison Margiela. It was very interesting to see 3 different concepts and designs based on brand’s interpretation.


Maison Margiela is surely well know for its cerebral approach to deconstruction, experimentation, reinvention of men’s and womens dressmaking.

Starting with a location search, art direction, comprehensive, design and unconventional solutions – the 3 music clubs presented were absolutely mind blowing. I wish I could attend them in reality to experience the atmosphere!

Have a look!

1/ GIORGIA BARONI – The Winner 2017

  • CONCEPT – The Illusionist club is located in an abandoned castle in Namur in Belgium. It perfectly translates all the main characteristics typical of Maison Margiela; above all it stresses the idea of not being visible from the outside and ignored by majority of the people passing nearby.giorgia baroni
  • STYLE & DESIGN – starting from the analysis of Maison Margiela fashion identity, its history and approach to space – the idea is to create a mysterious and surreal atmosphere, changing the perception people have of the space through the use of technology : solid light and led screens.


Marangoni Design Show

Castle Design

Color Palette


  • CONCEPT  – Nowhere club is situated inside of the abandoned metro station in Paris, the club combines and translates main brand codes into architecture and design – being hidden under ground inside the “night club Nowhere”.

Marangoni Design Show

  • STYLE & DESIGN – The concept of ‘re-creation’ is about giving an artistic and exclusive atmosphere to the space, combining past, present and future. The walls inside are kept without any upgrading to maintain the atmosphere of already aged space, but with a new use of the space – night club, and new architectural redevelopments – glass constructions. The night club staff can be instantly recognized by their totally white outfit and masks taken from the Maison Margiela’s collections.

Marangoni Design Show

color scheme

paris club3/ EMILY VON WACHTER

  • CONCEPT – The Incognito Club is situated in the abandoned drive-in mall which looks like a cruise ship, fallen flying saucer, futuristic ruin; located in south-central Caracas, Venezuela. You don’t want to be seen and here we decide what you see. Luxury, Reflections, human touch, provocation, excitement. In here you are Incognito, in here you are one more, let yourself go and be a creature

  • STYLE & DESIGN  – Matryoshka structure, surreal, unknows, gradient, mysterious.

So, now that you saw best projects of 2017, I’m curious to hear which one is your favourite?

Which club would you like to attend?

Have a good start of the week!


Photos from the event – Agata Dimmich, Moodboards/Project images, as listed – Giorgia Baroni, Kateryna Nekhorosha, Emily von Wachtcr






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