Make unique, design serving plates with this quick trick

Make unique, design serving plates with this quick trick

550 - component plate 4Are you cermics lover like me? Making your own pieces isn’t exactly an accessible, do at home kind of hobby, but I found a way to get creative and DIY a new set, without getting messy. It won’t involve making pots from scratch, but these guys will surely add an eye-catching element to your table decor or styled shelves. We had some family over during Christmas, and I think it wouldn’t be a lie, if I said everyone noticed it! Some asked where they can BUY it (which is awesome!) some…didn’t, but the set got a good dose of attention anyway.

550 - component plate 5

550 - component plate 3

550 - component plate 1

550 - component plate 7

550 - component plate 8There is no advanced techniques here, in fact all you have to do is glue the elements (a base + a plate) together. I really like the cool look, but they are also very functional when you have a limited table space (think any celebration – Christmas, Easter, Birthdays!). You can vary the heights of the plates, not only making your table decor look original but also fit more on it. Do you like this ideas?

Photos: Agata Dimmich / Passion shake for Homedit

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