Living room makeover – One sofa two looks with Bemz

Living room makeover – One sofa two looks with Bemz

I always feel the urge to change things up at home when the new season starts, don’t you? This Autumn I’ve teamed up with Bemz to give our living room a makeover by styling our IKEA sofa with their two, new, loose-fit covers. One sofa – two ways! I hope you will be able to help me out and choose which one is the best match.

But first, how are you doing? Hope you had a great start of September. We just came back from our wonderful vacation in Puglia, feeling relaxed and ready to continue making our new place feel like home. Autumn is the time when cosy corners are more appreciated. A comfy, inviting place to read, work or watch movies is a must, wouldn’t you agree? Bemz is a perfect partner to make that happen – a company which creates a range of custom-fit covers for popular IKEA sofa models, beds and chairs that not only are stylish but also made of 100% natural materials. All the fabrics are durable, machine washable and made to fit beautifully. It really takes only about 20 minutes to dress up the sofa in the new look. I believe that there’s no reason to get the new furniture when you can just give it a new personality with customised Bemz possibilities.

I have to admit it wasn’t easy to choose the covers as Bemz offers over 150 different high-end fabrics made to order in Europe. Few weeks back we finally made the decision and chose covers from the simply linen & simply velvet collections. Straight after we returned from our vacation I had to see how they look so I dressed our sofa and here it is!

Which look do your prefer?

1/ Fabric: Graphite Simply Linen – a deep, dark grey shade combining the softness of brushed linen with the durability of cotton.

2/ Fabric – Sand, Beige Simply Velvet – smooth to touch with a soft, sophisticated sheen, perfect for everyday living.

I like both darker and lighter tones when the colder months are about to come. Dark greys create a cocoon-like atmosphere, yet warmer shades are more cosy. They are inviting, brightening the rooms when there is less sunshine. Now I’m counting on you to tell me which look do you prefer?

Graphite linen or beige velvet?

This post has been written in collaboration with Bemz.




Love this Agata – both beautiful! If I had to pick one I’d go for the dark grey (so cosy for autumn). X


Where is this rug from


    It’s from Tisca 🙂


Hi, may I ask you where the wall decoration is from (the one above the sidetable, looks like a woman with blond hair)? Thank you in advance!


    Hi Caroline, Of course. It’s Portrait M by Gurilla Art.

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