Living in Italy: Milan, Naviglio Grande – Flea Market

Living in Italy: Milan, Naviglio Grande – Flea Market

Milano Naviglio Grande Market 27 (1 of 1)It’s Monday. It’s September. It’s a back to school day. It’s a new week’s and a new season’s first day. Seems a lot for just one day to handle, don’t you think? For me it’s also a first day of new adventure with interiors here in Italy! A friend of a best friend of a friend my boyfriend needs to sell his apartment, and since there is no luck so far, an extra step is needed. Have you already guessed what my role is? That’s right, I was asked to help to make it more attractive:  style it and photograph it. Exciting, right?  So yesterday we have been to the the Milano’s biggest  flea market located in Naviglio area to hunt some treasures that can help us to unlock the full potential of the space. Held on the last Sunday of every month, located on both sides of the Milan’s oldest canal, the market is about 3 km long. I have to say I was quite impressed. It’s definitely a place to be for all design lovers, especially if you are looking for some vintage / antique / retro pieces. The place is really vibrant and beautiful, so if you are visiting Milan, make sure to come at the end of the month to experience it. Have a look at the photos I have taken yesterday, so you can get the feeling. And I’m going to prepare a little style-list for the apartment’s photoshoot this week! Happy September everyone!

Milano Naviglio Grande Market 25 (1 of 1)

Milano Naviglio Grande Market 26 (1 of 1)

Milano Naviglio Grande Market 20 (1 of 1)

Milano Naviglio Grande Market 15 (1 of 1)

Milano Naviglio Grande Market 14 (1 of 1)

 Milano Naviglio Grande Market 16 (1 of 1)

Milano Naviglio Grande Market 23 (1 of 1)

Milano Naviglio Grande Market 11 (1 of 1)

Milano Naviglio Grande Market 2 (1 of 1)

Milano Naviglio Grande Market 1 (1 of 1)

Milano Naviglio Grande Market 17 (1 of 1)

Location: Milan, Naviglio Grande, Metro station : Porta Genova. Around the canal from Viale Gorizia to the Via Valenza.


· Sunday 28 September 2014
· Sunday 26 October 2014
· Sunday 30 November 2014
· Sunday 14 December 2014

Do you spot anything unique or something that you love? What are your favorite places for treasure hunting?

I fell in love with the chair in the last photo.



Oh my goodness, it all looks amazing!!!!!
I love everything but I think I would have to have that huge pink A!!!


    Oh yes, pink ‘A’ for us, whose names start with A, is just perfect, isn’t it? It also caught my attention 🙂 Have a great day Alison x

Ayda - cafenoHut

Such an amazing flea market!!! I loved especially coffetables and chairs…
Enjoy your photoshoot:)


    Same here, also the colors range was quite interesting! Thank you Ayda! Have a beautiful day x


Hello kochana globtroterko moja :))))ależ masz piękne zadanie do wykonania :)))) jak ja lubię takie zlecenia :)))) można sobie poszaleć :)))) no i jesteś sobie w tym pięknym kraju ….a ja jestem akurat dziś jeszcze bezdomna he,he :)))))nic nie powiem więcej :)))))ściskam do wytrzeszczu :))))


    Aguś wróciłaś wreszcie! Skoro bezdomna to wnioskuję, że wszystko idzie w dobrym kierunku? W TYM WŁAŚCIWYM? 😉 O nic więcej nie pytam i cierpliwie czekam na więcej newsów! Pięknie tu jest i czas wolniej płynie…jak mawiają bella vita (przynajmniej póki słońce świeci) 😛 Buziaki!


      tak jest w jak najlepszym :)))) przydałoby mi się to wasze słońce ,to bym miała dom jeszcze w tym roku postawiony …ale w naszym nieokiełzanym klimacie czekamy do wiosny :)))) buziole


      a Ty masz nawet włoski zmienione widzę :))))


O-M-G. I envy you. You are so lucky to get this kind of treasure hunting places. We have fleas too but…we have different things – mostly. I’m a big lover of the fonts…so A is my favorite too and I just loooove those wooden block letters! We don’t have them here….you didn’t ask how much they cost? Are they ordinary at your flea markets? So many questions, sorry 🙂



    Hello Kreetta, I have to say, I was also impressed when I saw this market – it’s really huge and filled with amazing pieces! 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t know if the letters are easy to find, because I have moved to Italy only one month ago but I know the price – the pink A was 50 Euros (handmade). You need to come to Milan one day, so we can go on a big treasure hunt (next big flea market takes place on the 28th of September – just saying! 🙂 xo


      You are lucky! I keep the date in mind 🙂
      Have a lovely weekend Aga!


Oh my, oh my! This looks amazing!!! Really need to go there!

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