Life Update: Trend Blogger for Poland

Life Update: Trend Blogger for Poland

Hello friends, how was your weekend? I’m quite busy these days, working on some exciting projects including new brands collaborations, a few V-day posts for the e-mags I contribute to and styling more apartments around here. It’s crazy fun but, don’t ask me how my weekend was because it certainly wasn’t the kind of fun that involves social life, make-up, and cocktails. It’s different, but it is all very exciting, challenging and it makes me happy. Let’s say, almost as happy as the cocktails!

I’m sure you have heard about The Hive conference, a gathering of digital storytellers, tastemakers & bloggers, happening on the 11-12 of April in Berlin. If not you’ve got to check out the program because it’s really good (my favorite part is probably Dietliend Wolf giving styling workshop. I can’t wait!)

One of the news I can share with you today is that I have recently become a Trend Blogger for the international blogging community of the Hive. That means on the monthly basis I will be sharing the biggest news, gossips, stories, social media trends and the general buzz from the Polish blogosphere. If you would like to speak about some exciting news or trends you noticed or simply share trending blog posts, projects, interesting work, please send me an email (hello(at) so I can include it in my monthly update. The hottest news will be shared on my blog each month so make sure to pop in for some interesting links.

And speaking about Poland I’m going to Poznań tomorrow, to have some good first-hand insight. Well, also that. But the primary reasons involve lots of family love, friends fun, bigos, parties and pierogi. Polska here I come!

trend blogger

January 2015 – 4 trending news:

1. Top 100 most influential Polish bloggers in 2o14, including social media insights by Jasonhunt

2. Blogging event Seebloggers (2nd edition) 24-25th of January 2015.

3. Top 10 Polish interior blogs according to Urszula Michalak of Interior Design Blog for By Home. See the full list here.

4. Competition – Blog of the year (2014). You can still add your favorite polish blogs here.

Are you following polish blogs? What are your favorite blogs and blog events in Poland? Any other interesting trends you noticed? 

I’m off to do some packing now. Have a good start of the week!


Picture source: Lemon umbrella by Studio DIY 



Bigos na pewno, ale pierogi? Chyba juz po nich 🙂


    Bigos w zupełności wystarczy! Byle nie pizza 😛


Well done Aga, sounds like a great opportunity. Due to the language barrier, we do not come across most of the international blogs which I believe are often great and unique. I’m happy you write your blog in English, so I can understand it and follow along, but also will be happy to check out some more from the top 100 list you shared. Other polish blogs that I know are: Syl loves, Minty house and House loves, but then I imagine you probably know them too 😉

PS. That lemon umbrella, made my day.


    Thank you dear, yes I do know them – great blogs and amazing bloggers 🙂 I hope this little series, will help to bring more international audience to the Polish blogs.
    The umbrella makes me smile, every time I look at it. Hugs x


Glad you are on board with The Hive and I’m looking forward to checking out these Polish blogs!



    Me too! Once again thanks for this opportunity Yvonne 🙂


Hi Aga, thanks for your support. 🙂

Regards <3


    My pleasure 🙂 Pozdrawiam!


oooooo ja tu pod jabłonką leżę ,a Ty proszę bardzo ……:)))))aż się za Tobą kurzy tak w górę lecisz kochana :)) coraz więcej fajnych projektów i spotkań ….to ja pokibicuję …:)))) buziole !!!


    Dziękuję Aguś za miłe słowa 🙂 Lubię jak dużo się dzieje, ale pod jabłonką też bym chętnie poleżała! 😛 Buziaki


    I feel safsetiid after reading that one.

Georgie St Clair

Yay! Congratulations on becoming a ‘Hive’ trend blogger – very well deserved, you have an incredible eye for design.
Georgie x


    Thank you Georgie 🙂 You comment made my day! Hugs x

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