Last minute Valentine’s day gift wraps

Last minute Valentine’s day gift wraps

giftwrap-passionshake-for-sheknows5 (1 of 1)Are you superstitious? Friday 13th? Black cats? Knocking the wood?

I used to be and trust me, I have a good reason. The only time I’ve ever broken a bone in my body, collarbone to be more precise, happened on Friday 13th after seeing a black cat crossing the road. Can you blame me? I had a period of being terrified of Friday 13ths and by terrified I mean super scared, avoiding going out. Crazy, right? But then I noticed, that instead of bad things, there are rather good things happening to me like signing big deals at work or at least winning 5 euros in the scratch cards. Today didn’t happen much though, I’ve been working all day, no black cats, no broken bones. What about the good things ? I guess I have to wait until tomorrow because it’s the… Valentine’s day! Hello flowers, chocolates and some love!

I’m sharing with you last V-day idea, I have contributed to Sheknows (click here for the full tutorial) If you haven’t packed your gifts yet, take a look, you might find it useful! All you need is white paper, black ink, pencil with an eraser, and craft knife. Stamp, stamp, stamp and it will be wrapped with love! 🙂

giftwrap-passionshake-for-sheknows7 (1 of 1)

giftwrap-passionshake-for-sheknows1 (1 of 1)How do you like it? If you missed previous Valentine’s day post, you can find them all here.

Happy Valentine’s day for tomorrow sweet friends!


Lot’s of love!


Monique | WritingMonique

So cute! I hope you have a great Valentines day!


    Thanks Monique, same to you! Lots of ♥ ! 😀

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