Lagom -The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life

Lagom -The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life

What is a better way to enjoy aLagombook than having a “fika” moment… with a “Lagom” book and a treat?

I hope I didn’t confuse you (ahh the Swedish language!)  let me quickly explain you what I am talking about!

Lagom is a Swedish philosophy of living, a formula for a happy, fuss-free life, where we can enjoy the simple moments and find perfection in the imperfections (a sort of hygge, yet more authentic and conscious). Following that advice, I have taken a break from the busy work life to share with you a sneak peek into that Scandinavian Joy guide!

While being in Hannover, I have met the lovely author of the book – Niki Brantmark, who has inspired me to try the rituals and calm approach she has so beautifully described in her book. Perhaps you are already exercising lagom in many different aspects of your life, perhaps you are searching to find a balance and focus on the things that really matter, in any case the book is packed with practical ideas and tips how to slow down and live with less pressure. With our wedding happening in less than three months, that’s exactly what I needed to read! *wink*. Ahhhh…

From lagom in your personal life to lagom in family and relationships, job, wider world reading the book is therapeutic in the fast paced world we are living in, so I strongly recommend anyone to have a “fika” (a break), read it and apply at least a few of your favourite rituals. What do you say? Are you a Lagom person too?

Photography: Agata Dimmich


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