Jumping into 2017 – Plans and Ideas

Jumping into 2017 – Plans and Ideas

agata dimmichHello Friends! First I want to wish you a fabulous 2017, I hope you had a great start!
How was your Holiday? Did you have a good time? I can’t believe we are already in 2017! WOW!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support throughout the years, daily visits and  comments – without you this blog wouldn’t exist! I wouldn’t be doing what I love and have the amazing opportunities that have come my way. We all know it’s not always easy but there is nothing more satysfying in the life than living your dream, looking forward to waking up every morning (at a reasonable time – I’m definitely not an early bird!) to work on things you love and are passionate about.

I’ve returned to the studio on the 3d of January and spent last few days trying to put down all the ideas for the new year, schedule them, make a plan – all of that on a sugar-free diet (tough times!). The scheduling part didn’t go quite well, but I will try to figure it out on the way. As for the rest – it’s a very ambitious plan. I will do my best to grow, try new things, create, expand and see where I land.

So, in a nutshell, there will be a new website, new blog columns, a shop and workshops coming, and I really can’t wait to have it all ready for you. In the meantime I need to plan our wedding, so 2017 looks quite intense (anyone knows where I can buy few, extra hours of sleep?) Let’s make it happen!

What are your new years eve plans? Any new ideas, projects?

I’m wishing you the most successful year ever!

Photo: Taken in Lago di Tovel during the Christmas break. You can find more everyday snaps on my Instagram



Happy new year! Looking forward to all your new ideas and inspirations! Love, Rahel

    Aga I Passion shake

    Same to you dear! Wishing you all the best in 2017! Let’s rock it 🙂


Your plans sound great, dear Aga. I’m so excited to read and see more. Having big plans myself for my blog this year I can well relate to your excitement.
To a fabulous New Year! ?
Hugs, Stephanie

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