The multisensory IKEA experience

The multisensory IKEA experience

IKEA lampsYesterday I’ve had a lot of fun during the IKEA event in Milan, focused on the potential of virtual reality and impact it has on perceiving everyday life. During the event, together with a group of bloggers I’ve toured 5 simply designed rooms to experience the environemt in a completely new, multisensory way. Think: ‘back to the future’ googles, interactive design, inspiring projections and good food, that’s what #SorprenditiOgniGiorno was all about!

5 environments:

1/ With its young and urban mood “Spazio allo Stile” setting represeted creative multifunctionality, as a solution to the everyday city life.

2/ “Spazio alla Natura” emphesised sustainability, ecology and living plants as an important step to happiness and well-being.

3/ “Spazio a Tutti” let us experience the room coming to live, while wearing special “Oculus” googles, and see a simple train toy in 3 ways. It’s hard explain what I saw, but the idea was to show the train in 3 different perspectives according to the age of a kid, mother and a father.

4/ “Spazio alla Luce” revelead the moment of relax and self-knowledge through visual projection on the wall.

5/  The last one “Spazio all Amore” became animated in front of our eyes, showing loving, family scene.

ikea urban

ikea loft

ikea plants

ikea bedroom

ikea furniture

Agata Dimmich, Valentina Appunti di casaWith lovely Valentina from Appunti di Casa, chatting and enjoying delicious food during the event.

IKEA food

ikea 25

ikea 18

ikea3If you like the idea of virtual reality, it will be possible to experience it in stores, from 1st of September (for 5 weeks). Isn’t it a one more, good reason to visit IKEA?

Pictures: Agata Dimmich / Passionshake







Aguś toś mnie pozamiatała ….nie dość ,że urządzasz ,nie dość że pysznie jesz ….i jeszcze bosko fotografujesz …….echhhh
buziaki 🙂


    no co Ty! :)) ostatnio głownie jem arbuzy (bardzo nie wystylizowane hahaha) ale fakt – miło od czasu do czasu zjeść takie śliczności 🙂 Dzięki kochana, miłego weekendu Wam życzę!


Agata, I was so happy to have met you at Ikea event! What wonderful pictures and right in your style! And our selfie is perfect! I look younger than 10 years !!!
A big hug XO


    Grazie Vale! Happy you like our selfie…we need to take more next time ;))) I hope to see you soon Bella! xo


    It was a very nice event! Me too, don’t know what I would do without Ikea 😉

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