IKEA IVAR : cabinets makeover

IKEA IVAR : cabinets makeover

Sometimes a simple DIY project can bring a lot of satisfaction, don’t you think?

During the period of lockdown and social distancing I finally found time to give our IKEA IVAR cabinets makeover they’ve been long waiting for. I have to admit that I absolutely love the IKEA range – there is so much room to customise and be creative.

That’s probably the reason why we have IVAR in my studio, hallway and now also in the living room. It takes just a little bit of sanding and two-three coats of paint to give it new, stylish look.

I admit, I can get very picky when it comes to choosing colors and most of the time the available furniture finishings do not match the color I have in mind. This is why painting natural wood cabinets is good alternative as we can get EXACTLY the shade we imagined.

For this project I did not have the possibility to get the new samples, so I ended up using paint ‘leftovers’ I already had at home – the cornforth white color by Farrow and Ball. It turned out exactly as I wanted – soft greige, looking great against the white wall. Once we have a little bit more freedom, I might paint the wall in the same matching color. Or repaint it all (Just kidding. Maybe not.) Time will tell!

A quick tutorial:

First off we need to assemble the IKEA IVAR cabinet. As I’m sure you know it isn’t a hard job and can be even easier with an electric screwdriver. What I always do is – I put up the main structure but leave the cabinet doors and shelves apart. Then I prep each element by gentle sanding (just with a sandpaper and my hands) and make sure there is no dust afterwards. Once they are clean and smooth, I paint each element twice with a paint roller. To achieve deep dark color you might want to consider one extra coat but for any light shades, two should be enough.

Wait for it to dry, assemble the doors, place the shelves and your new, awesome piece of furniture is ready! Not so hard, right?

The best part is, it looks well done. The wood absorbs the paint so the risk of stains or air bubbles is really low. I have to say, I was worried about the final effect before my first IKEA IVAR project but it turns out that special skills are not needed. I’ve painted quite a few of them and each time I’m happy with the result. Whenever we have guests over and they ask about the cabinets they have hard time believing I did it myself. I guess this is the best complement I can get!

Have you ever given a makeover to any of your furniture?

Project and photos : Agata Dimmich / PASSIONSHAKE


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