How to design and style your kitchen with modern Falmec filter hood

How to design and style your kitchen with modern Falmec filter hood

One of the biggest challanges of the stylist’s job is dealing with big electronics – most of the time the question is how to hide them, remove them or make them look less chunky in the photos. I’m talking about all of the things we live with, want to have easy access to, yet we don’t really want to see – when it comes to kitchen design some of the problematic equipment might be the filter hood or heating plate, unless….

….they look like the one above! Thougtful kitchen companies have introduced truly beautiful innovations, that are a total game changer. The one that caught my eye recently is Falmec and their Circle Tech filter hoods, designed to ensure both functionality and attractive contemporary design. Are you familiar with the new line?

I have teamed up with Falmec today to show you how filter hood can not only help you maintain clean and healthy environment (no frying smell!) but also become a pretty addition to your kitchen.

Unlike traditional hoods, the Circle Tech system works horizontally: the outgoing air passes through a filtering body that surrounds the engine, spreading homogeneously. The circular shape guarantees the maximum filtering surface and great performance in terms of suction and extreme silence. Yet, it’s a kitchen element that goes beyond the simple filter hood, being a lighting fixture at the same time. It’s been designed to illuminate not only the worktop, but also to provide a welcoming ‘ambient light’ in the entire room, creating cosy atmosphere.

To sum up – it is extremly functional, doubles as the kitchen light and looks great so you do want to see it above your counter top or kitchen island.All Falmec products are created with attention to detail, following the rule: Function + form. I would say it’s a guarantee of quality, design, materials and implementation, the best of : “Made in Italy”. 

What do you think? Do you like this type of invisable filter hoods or you prefer more traditional solutions?

Photos: Falmec


*this post has been written in collaboration with Falmec. All expressed opinions are my own.


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