Home update with Ferm Living

Home update with Ferm Living

Nothing elevates the interior look as well as the details. If you ever designed or decorated home you know that furnishing is just a first step to create a complete look. The second, even more important thing to me is choosing the right accessories. Having beautiful interiors without that final touch is like wearing a stunning dress with no jewellery if you know what I mean! Often the small things are the ones that make a big difference.

It’s been already a while since we moved to our new apartment. As you can observe on my Instagram I add new items quite often. Not only add. I also change things up, move, replace, add some more. It’s a natural thing to try new ideas and keep what resonates with us the most. My recent additions come as a part of collaboration with Ferm Living. Since it’s one my favourite brands, I’m very excited to show you how their designs look in our home.

So what’s new?

I decided to go for the Arum floor lamp, kitchen rod, pond trivets, wooden tray and bedroom decorations which I’m going to show you in the next post.

Decorating space does not happen over one night, unless… we are watching the makeover show on tv with 30+ people working to do the transformation in 24 hours. Not in real life! Real life decorating requires time, decisions, living and understanding what we need and what we love, what fits, what doesn’t. The home needs to naturally evolve to get that perfect look. Don’t get me wrong, by ‘perfect’ I don’t mean perfectly styled as in the pages of interior magazines. I mean achieving the effect we are satisfied with. A mix of functionality and ‘our’ aesthetics. A perfect balance resulting in our personal, unique style.

The Arum light near the sofa in our living room created a perfect reading nook for the long Autumn evenings. I love the fact that it comes with the angled screen which let’s me to direct the light exactly where you want it.  As a result it can be used as reading lamp but also as ambient lamp when we watch tv.

The kitchen rod, tray and quirky pond trivets are very handy in the kitchen, adding personal touch and homey feeling.

I have to say I love decorating with the details and seeing how the whole space starts coming together. It’s still a long way but as I mentioned before it does take time so there is no need to rush it, just enjoy the journey.

I would love to know what you think of the details at home? Are they important to you too? 

This post has been written in collaboration with Ferm Living. All expressed opinions are my own.

Styling and Photography: Agata Dimmich / PASSIONSHAKE for Ferm Living



Hi! I’m in love with the sofa.. can you tell me what’s the brand?!


    Thank you! sure, it’s IKEA (soderhamn sofa) with BEMZ covers 🙂

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