Holiday Break!

Holiday Break!


Hello my dear friends. I hope you are enjoying the Summer season and all the good vibes it brings. Confession! Our Holiday has started already yesterday, so as I’m writing to you – I’m in Poland, sipping a colorful cocktail, doing nothing else but relaxing and basking in the sun (Ahhh… not really! But that’s the plan from Friday on for the next 2 weeks!).

The truth is, I have to finish up a few things so even though we are already in my hometown – Poznań, the Holiday official starts tomorrow. It’s going to be the longest blog break ever (almost 14 days!) and it feels really strange, but I need to recharge my batteries after the year, have a break and dedicate it to see my family, friends, attend 2 weddings, 1 Hen do, 2 Birthday Parties including my own big 30. The Holiday ‘schedule’ seems to be pretty Party-intense but I am very much looking forward to it (hope my Snapchat will handle it too!).

So as I will be gone for a while, I’ll try to share as many insta-moments and live Snaps (passionshake) as I can, and I hope to you see there.

I’m wishing you all a beautiful start of August, sending lots of sunshine your way and see you soon dear friends!

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Enjoy your holidays dear Agata!
See you soon


    Grazie Vale!! Ahhh it was amazing Holiday break!


baw się dobrze …ja już Ci życzę wszystkiego najlepszego ………zresztą zawsze 🙂 piękne zdjęcie :))) buziaki


    Dzięki Aguś! 🙂 Impreza Urodzinowa przerosła moje oczekiwania!!! 😀


    Thanks Annie, it was truly magical… crazy but magical 🙂 I’m trying to get back to reality but it’s not easy after 2 weeks.


    Thank you, it was incredible!

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