Helsinki Bloggers Tour during Habitare 2016 – part II

Helsinki Bloggers Tour during Habitare 2016 – part II

blog74Happy Thursday! How are you doing? I wasn’t lying on Monday, when I said there would be a post avalanche so I’m back with the second part of our Helsinki adventures, where I will take you to the Marimekko factory and show you best culinary spots in the city. Yum, yum!

Apart from visiting the Habitare fair, where we’ve seen latest design trends and talked on stage discussing them, our team of international bloggers got to the most interiors-ting places on Helsinki’s map.

Ready to see the behind scenes of the Finnish biggest design firm and what/where we ate? Here we go.

FIRST STOP // Marimekko factory – I always find it incredibly inspiring to see how things are being made, talk to the designers and people behind the products, and learn the their story. As you know, Marimekko is a Finnish design house known for original prints and colors…what’s interesting is that designing and printing is done under the same roof in the Helsinki’s headquarter what allows designers to work closely with the craftsmen. Doing things together results in creativity, innovation and originality.

Below you can see a few snaps from our tour – where we watched how textiles are being produced and the final result!









blog87SECOND STOP // Finnjavel (concept) restaurant – a traditional restaurant where in addition to finish ingredients, chefs use finnish cooking methods. Apart from the delicious food, I loved the concept behind it – everything is custom-designed for the restaurant, furniture, cutlery, dishes and lighting. Every dish on the menu has a plate or bowl designed specifically for it. Or vice-versa, a dish has been inspired by a certain object. How thoughtful!



blog68THIRD STOP // TRE Concept Store and Cargo Cafe – is a new spot on the design map. TRE wants to “expel unhappiness and replace it with joy, courage, and new ideas,” say the founders. At the back of the store filled with great, iconic design there is a litte cafe corner where you can enjoy vegetarian meal, tea or coffee.


blog90FOURTH STOP // Baskeri and Basso – last not least is the special BasBas restaurant, located in a renovated industrial building, with its interiors left unfinished on purpose. The rough look creates a relaxed and laid back vibe, which goes well with ‘sharing a meal’ philosophy.




blog101And then I had to say goodbye to Helsinki and leave for the next adventure. I truly enjoyed my stay and time spent with: Desiree, Elisabetta, Riika, Stefan, interior journalists and our amazing guides – Annika and Elena.

Helsinki – kiitos for the design and lifestyle inspiration!

To read more about our Habitare trip – click here.

Agata Dimmich / Passion shake for Habitare







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