Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

It’s Easter time! Almost.

This is probably going to sound strange but I’ve only now realized that Easter is right behind the corner. The reason for this could be that tomorrow, I’m going home (to Poland), so I don’t have to think about the organisation aspects – just relax, spend time with family and friends and eat lots of ‘bigos’ and carmel ‘mazurek‘. Sounds good to me!

But I can’t ignore all the beautiful inspiration, creative eggs and magical atmosphere that is already in the air, so I just have to share some of my favourite finds with you. Perhaps I’m still on time to inspire you a little bit, before you start getting your homes ready for Sunday. I’m really loving simple and minimal Easter looks this year, what style are you going for?

happy easterI’m taking a little break from blogging so I will see you back here after Easter. In the meantime you can follow my daily adventures in Poland on Instagram and Snapchat (I know what you are thinking “snapchat?!!”. I admit, it’s the only application, I’ve downloaded and deleted about 12 times before I understood how to use it. But now that I do, it’s actually fun posting random daily moments and talk to yourself, so if you want to share these moments with me, add –  passionshake, and keep in touch!).

What are your plans lovely friends? Are you hosting Easter breakfast /lunch or visitng?

Wishing you all Happy Holiday! Hugs xoxo

Pictures: 1  – Moss egg / 2 – Easter styling / 3 – Splattered egg / 4 – Stamped egg / 5 – Easter table / 6 – Moss egg



Aguś wspaniałych świąt Wam życzę …. ja mam nadzieję ,że to nasze ostatnie święta na walizkach …:)))) buziaczki …p.s… lubię takie dekoracje ..takie niby nic ,a jaką dobrą robią robotę :))))


    ja też Aguś, ostatnio coraz bardziej! 🙂


    I think Easter eggs can’t get cuter than tese!! 🙂


These are all so lovely! Hope you had a great time at home. I went home to Norway to celebrate with my family which was so nice. Saw your comment, we should definitely meet up in Milan some day (when I am finished with all the moving business) for a coffee 🙂

Ingrid x


    Yeaa, let’s do it! Let me know when you are ready 🙂

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