Handmade Home by Loom + Klim and Giveaway Winner!

Handmade Home by Loom + Klim and Giveaway Winner!

Bohemian style home 4Recently I have a little crush on Bohemian, Marrakech inspired style – including vibrant colors, shaggy textiles and handmade accessories. If you are a bit like me, I have a feeling you will love the new Loom + Klim home decore store – filled with beautiful objects to take home.

The lovely owner Hannah focuses mainly on textiles and ceramics – you might find a 60 year old rug from a small village in Morocco or a handmade vessel made by a local ceramicist. Either way, you’ll be able to see the love and care that goes into an item that’s touched by a human hand. Sounds great, right?

Bohemian style home 9jpg

Bohemian style home

Bohemian style home 6

Bohemian style home 3

And the GIVEAWAY winner is…….. Olivia Silk!


Please get in touch, at with your shipping details!

Pictures: Loom + Klin

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Annie Abbey

Love these pictures so much! Such a great style…also love that you linked to the winner’s blog, that is so thoughtful of you! 🙂
xx Annie

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