Halloween series – DIY Candle Holders

Halloween series – DIY Candle Holders

diy-black-halloween-candle-holdersAfter showing you my Halloween table idea, I promised to be back with a spooky DIY, perfect for a dramatic Party. If you follow my blog you know – that one of my favourite projects (ever!) are candle holders. I admit, I have made a lot of different ones in the past but it seems like I still can’t get enough. This time the idea was: a simple yet powerful accent that you can keep throughout the season so I decided to create classy black candle holders with a golden touch.

Here’s what you wil need to make your own set:

  • Three wooden furniture legs in different sizes and shapes (for example this)
  • 3 brass hardware fittings (such as this)
  • black paint
  • super glue (or gorilla)
  • sandpaper (optional)
  • candles


1. Paint all three legs black and wait for them to dry thoroughly.


2. Apply strong glue, such as super glue or super tack, and glue the fittings to the center of the top surface of the wooden legs.


3. Leave the assembled pieces to dry thoroughly  for a couple of hours, then insert the candles.


black-halloween-candle-holders-wireTip : If you don’t have black candles, don’t despair! You can paint black any candles you have. Click here to see how I styled my Halloween Table with these candle holders.

Hope you enjoy this year’s ideas so far, there will be a few more coming this week.

Project and pictures: Agata Dimmich for Homedit



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