Get Stylish Gifts Under 50$ – for HIM

Get Stylish Gifts Under 50$ – for HIM

Since all we talk about these days are the Holiday gifts, discussing whether a blue scarf is ok for uncle John, would Dad actually attand one year of gym membership and how many rolls of wrapping paper should we get – it’s time for a second part of the Etsy Gift Guide, so we can combine the powers and share ideas!

If you are like me tearing your hair out over what to buy for the men in your life, hopefully you will find the guide useful. This year I decided to focus on a simple theme – Stylish Gifts Under 50$, which most of the husbands, fathers, friends, uncles, brothers and sons would appreciate. Minimal, handy and cool – that’s what men are looking for. I made a little survey, so we can trust this direction!


Stylish Gifts Under 50$:

1. Iphone Dock from Wudzee Dot Com

2. Men’s Personalized Stationary from Oh La La Letters

3. Leather Cord Organizer from Infusion

4. Marble Iphone Case from Joy Marryman Store

5. Men’s Face Cream from Raw Essentials

6. Slade mug from Ssamnichols

What do you think? Do you have any interesting finds to add to the list? Any men out there who wants to share their thoughts?

To see over 500 gift ideas, pop in to my Etsy board on Pinterest.

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