Garden studio – Workspace (before and after!)

Garden studio – Workspace (before and after!)

passionshake studioSo exciting! Today we will have a little peek into my workspace, or let’s call it for now – a desk corner because it’s only one part of it. I know, it’s been a long time since I promised to show you the ‘after’ results of the Garden studio I’ve been working on last year, but there was so much going on (including major heating problems!) that I never got to fully finish it. In fact, I still want to add a lot of objects, and change things up but I already reached the point when I feel good around here, so I took a few snaps to share with you.

Of course, there is no ‘after’ photos without the ‘before’ ones so get ready for the dirty part too!

You might remember a few ‘in progress’ pictures I have shared with you during the jobs, and the gallery wall above the seating area (here). Funny thing is, before I got to photograph the space to make a little studio tour, the gallery wall has changed 3 times. Seriously, I’ve been bad (I know!), I should be documenting each step, even though the place wasn’t ready. Note taken, for the next time.

home officeI have to say, the garden studio is slowly becoming not only my work place but also a second home –  VERY little home, as the total area is only 30m2, but it will have to do for now. From time to time, I find myself looking at the walls, hoping they may magically expand but no changes so far. Who knows, maybe one day they will.

As you can probably imagine, the studio is my blog’s headquarter, a place where I work on new projects, take most of the DIY pictures but also hang out when I want to stay a bit quiet. As the studio used to be a former (never finished) garage-to-be (more photos here) it is located in a garden, so unless there is a cat walking on the roof, you get an absolute silence inside!

moodboardThe aim of the project was to make this place bright and white, with soft colors and wooden elements – a good base to take pictures (yes) but also this is my all-time favourite combination, so I am very happy with the result. It needed to be functional and ready to move when required hence, most of the props are still stored in my basement, as I try to keep this area uncluttered. If you follow me on Snapchat (passionshake) you know that keeping it organized, is more of a dream than the reality, but at least I TRY!

workspace passionshake

workspace detailsAfter moving to Italy, when I quit my job and started a freelance adventure, I’ve been struggling to find a place / a room I could work in  – bedroom corner wasn’t good enough anymore (you can read a whole story here.) I needed something for myself but close to home so I could adjust my hours and work in the evenings. Then one day, this brilliant opportunity of turning a stand-alone, garage into my workplace appeared! It seemed just perfect and was meant to be ready in ‘a moment’ (1,5 month) , but as we all know…things tend to take a LITTLE longer (5 months). After many weeks of dust and hard work, we made it and I’m very happy and grateful to call it MY STUDIO. (MY STUDIO! First! Ever!) Even if it’s not perfect, I love it!

workspace before and afterI have used some furniture that I already had and mixed them with Ikea pieces. The desk is incredibly functional for me, as it doesn’t have to be ‘hooked’ together. When I need to replace it, I can do it on my own, simply by removing piece by piece. It was meant to be a temporary solution but I find it too handy to change for now.

scandinavian style workspace

Work spaceThe most costly part of the project was getting a glass wall, with a glass door opening into a garden but, it is what makes this place so special! Plenty of natural light inside and I just can’t wait for the warmer days to open the door, smell the flowers and work with a sound of the birds in a background!

workspace before and afterSo again, this is how the workspace looks for now, maybe it’s not visible, but it took a lot of work and effort (and a lot of unexpected problems on the way) to turn it into a cosy little spot like this. I hope you like it as much as I do, and I promise to be back with some more ‘insights’ soon. This time, I will make sure to keep my word!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! What do you guys think?

If you have any questions, ask me in a comment section below.

More studio pictures here.

Pictures: Agata Dimmich / Passion Shake



Wow, Agatha, what a change. Great job! Excited to see which gorgeous ideas you’ll come up with in this awesome place.
I loved your DIY on decor8 btw. You really are a creative soul. Enjoy your studio!
Hugs, Steffi


    Aaaa so many compliments Steffi – feeling quite overwhelmed! Thank you so much, really happy to hear that you like it!! 🙂 Big hugs from Italy :**


Wow! You really rocked this place! Love it and waiting for more 😉


    I won’t keep you waiting this time :-))
    Thanks a lot Sweets! We need to make our coffee plans happen one day, so you can see it with your own eyes! xo


Ahhh it looks amazing!!!! What a great area!


    Thank you darling! 🙂 I couldn’t wait more to share a few pics…still a lot to do inside to make it ‘perfect’ it but I guess these kind of places are never fully finished 😉 Have a great weekend Alison xo


Great transformation. I love me some before & after, and this one is right up my street. Love the all-white look, must be contrasting beautifully with the greenery outside. Congrats!


    I agree, it’s always good to see the contrast and how bad a space looked before 😉 Looking at these pictures and remembering all the jobs (a lot of it, with my own two hands) makes me cringe! If I had to do it all again, I don’t think I would haha.

    Thank you so much Martha, it does look very nice with the greenery outside, can’t wait for the Spring so I can finally open the door 🙂 xo

Varun Vyas

White is ever so beautiful. I myself, love the white theme for my interior. Since I could not get a whole white theme for my house(family issues), So I decided to get an all white theme for my office room.


    I agree Varun, so funny that in the past I used to think white walls were boring! Now I can’t imagine having other shades at home. Well maybe it will change soon, but for now it’s definitely my favourite look 😉 Have a good day!

Eleni | My Paradissi

Looks amazing Aga! Great work!
Love how crisp, clean and easy to focus it feels 🙂
Hope you enjoy it and be always creative in there!


    Really happy to hear it from you Eleni as I love your pretty, airy style! 🙂 I would be happy if it was slightly bigger but can’t complain, it’s a little dream come true for now. Thank you and wish you a beautiful weekend xo


well done aga … your hard work has paid off … beautiful space … did you lay ceramic tile over the concrete ? and i love the glass door detail … looking forward to seeing another corner when you get to that stage 🙂 currently remodeling entire lower level so can commiserate with how long projects take to complete 🙂 dawn


    Hello Sweets, thank you so much! Yes I did, I was thinking about wood but since this space is located in a garden, it was more practical to go for a wood imitating tiles (I don’t have to worry too much about destroying the floor) 😉

    How exciting! True, it does take a lot of time, but the satisfaction at the end is totally worth all the effort. Although if I had to start from the beginning I would probably stay in my bedroom corner haha Can’t wait to see your space! xo

elisabetta @italianbark

WOW!!! This space is so beautiful, and I’m dreaming of a big glazed wall to be opened in spring, you did it right to spend money on this! Looking forward for more images!! E


    What a lovely compliment from an Italian Architect. Grazie mille! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you again during the Design Week :* Hugs xo

Annie Abbey

Oh my goodness! Talk about a serious improvement! I am so impressed with this crazy transformation! Congratulations it looks incredible!
xx Annie

Rocio Jimenez | Casa Haus

Love it so much, Aga, it’s so bright and airy!!!! It doesn’t seem small at all. Plus: I love the white + wood look!

Would you mind me sharing it on my blog?

Hugs from Mexico,



wow it looks amazing! What a great area!


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