Floors and more at Domotex 2020

Floors and more at Domotex 2020


Hello friends, how are you? Hope you had a nice weekend filled with festive season atmosphere in the air. I’ve been working on something exciting, something else than a Christmas tree!

While we approach the end of the year I start preparations for my January design trips. As you might remember, in the last two years my first stop was always DOMOTEX – the world’s largest and most important flooring fair. I’m very excited and honoured to be invited again and I can’t wait to tell you all about our creative work for the upcoming show. The fair takes place in Hannover on the 10-13 of January 2020 so if you are in the mood for flooring inspiration or would like to say hello, there’s no better place to be.


The 2020 DOMOTEX keynote is “Atmysphere” focusing on the importance of floors for our overall sense of well-being with 6 highlighted trends : Acoustics, Floor and more, Green Living, Outdoor, sustainable living, well being. Together with my blogger friends (Holly, Desiree, Mette, Camilla, Michael and Stefan) I will explore the trends further in a creative and inspiring manner showing you my interpretation. Are you curious to hear more? Let’s roll!

To begin with I have prepared a moodboard for the theme I am covering : Floors & more which shows the materials used for carpets and floors ‘climbing’ higher. Anything comes to your mind? Stylists and decorators know that rugs are as effective on the floor as off it. Used above the floors they are a secret to create cosy, interesting, and elegant rooms. I’m thinking of : textile art, carpets on walls, furniture made out of floor materials, carpet inspired interior decor elements – all of those examples make a significant contribution to the atmosphere but also affect the way we feel so let’s look at them closely!


Tapestry, textile art, woven wall hangings, mini rugs are a great way to add chic and embellish environments. The creation of these works have become more elaborate over the years. Nowadays they are available in many different forms and shapes: from traditional ones to modern and quirky. Most of the wall Art is handmade, celebrating the true craftsmanship which is not only a current trend but also bringing tradition and one-of-a-kind, quality creation to your home. I particularly like moody mini fluff made by Megan Borg.


We love the feeling of soft woolen, rug under our bare feet when we step on it first thing in the morning. Why not have the same sensation while resting in the evening on our living room chair? The rug materials used as upholstery not only add visually beautiful texture to your furniture but can be therapeutic. A study suggests that people are more attentive to tactile stimuli when they’re in a negative frame of mind. That means when we are down, it’s nice to have a cosy chair or pillow nearby for an instant mood boost.


Have you ever heard about the iconic beni ourain rug? What about a beni ourain pillow made out of it? I love the idea of recycling the vintage rug to create completely new (and equally interesting!) interior decor elements. Environmentally friendly adding character and soul.


A long time ago, rugs were hung in castles to create a barrier from the cold wall and keep the heat in the rooms. As they didn’t have central heating, just fire places and lots of clothing, it was hard to keep rooms and the people in them warm. What started as a practical and functional solution nowadays continues as decorators trick. Rugs and carpets on walls in big sizes  ‘add’ warmth in a metaphoric way, turning the room into a cosy oasis, a home sanctuary. A feeling of harmony and resting environment, a place to hide from a busy world.

I believe there is a great importance of floors as elements of creative interior design but not only. With right approach and natural materials, carpets and floors can be important factors in personal well being. A handmade textile art adds value and tradition to our home, bigger pieces hanging on walls and ceilings create cosy and warm atmosphere. A pleasant textures on furniture and accessories boosts mood and as I mentioned above can be quite therapeutic. Designs made from recycled materials promote sustainability and eco-friendly approach which is a key to the future. Turns out carpets are a powerful tool to achieve better state of mind and make our homes and work spaces a better, healthier and happier place. I really like the sound of it, what about you?

I’m curious what do you think about the trend Floors and more? How would you interpret it? Do you have any other examples to add to the list?

I hope you enjoyed my DOMOTEX 2020 moodboard. Make sure to read posts by my blogger friends to explore the remaining themes and their creative interpretation.

I’m wishing you a relaxed and cosy evening!

Image sources: moodboard creation – Agata Dimmich, 1234 – 5


Velvet Karatzas

You’re right about the great importance of floors as elements of creative interior design. And the imagery is lively, yet I’m surprised with the absence of color. One thing I love about rugs is their cultural heritage that usually comes with a lot of patterns and a wide range of colors. So would you say that that one of the trends?! xo


    That’s a personal selection 🙂 Of course colourful rugs and patterns are trending and always will be. I tend to pick and show, here on my blog, designs I’m personally drawn too.

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