8 Favourite design finds from Salone del Mobile 2016

8 Favourite design finds from Salone del Mobile 2016

Each year, the design week leaves me in a WOW state for many days after. I get incredibly inspired by talking to talented designers, learn about their ideas and creative process and I always can’t wait to share my favourite finds with you. What impresses me the most is the concept behind each project, however to win my heart the final result also has to be goodlooking. I think you know what mean, right?

Here are my favourite finds from Salone del Mobile 2016, aren’t these designs incredible?

1/ PLANTS-SKIN by Hiroto Yoshizoe – when the plants need water, the planter changes its colour due to embedded dye inside. Great concept and something that would make my life so much easier (and my plant’s life so much longer!) .

edcea493d557fcbdd32fde399e1a2fe52/ PHYGITAL WORLD INSTALLATION –  in which physical and digital blur, stimulating – and sometimes even tricking – the senses, seen in Frame magazine showroom.

1673/ 3D PRINTED FLOWER VASES by Shinya Yoshida – created by a fusion of computational design and handicraft. Their structures, which are light and delicate are generated by a computer program. After 3D print, it is tinted one by one with color gradient. Beautiful!


3504 / THE HEXAGON UMBRELLA by Chulin Yang  – designed to connect with other umbrellas via magnets, encouraging interaction between users.

umbrella5 / PLANTATION by Alicja Patanowska – a series of planters made from recycled glass and porcelain elements designed for growing herbs and ornamental plants, using the principles of hydroponics. Thanks to the use of only water and no soil, this method allows observing the growing process of both the stems and the roots.


6 / STORIES BY THE WATER – wood oriented furniture design by the students of HDK – School of Design and Crafts.

Marbelous by Jonatan Appelfeldt – interesting furniture piece featuring the trending colors in 2016, mixed in a marbelous composition.


> Breaking surface by Sophie Hardy –  is a synonym for something to emerge from under a surface. The inside is created by layers of colorful paper.

14-7 / CLAIRY – AIR PURIFIER – it combines the beauty of a flowerpot with the technology to reduce dangerous indoor pollution. The planter connects to Wi-Fi and through the app, you have real-time pollution analysis, temperature and humidity monitor.

818 / BY THE WINDOW designed by Nao Ueda – window is a visual connection of inside and outside of building, and also a frame to crop scenery. We often sit at the edge of window or style and display favourite objects. “By the window” is a window inside the room, dividing space, and providing new relation between here and there.


Do you love these concepts as much as I do? Next design post will feature my favourite showroom from this year’s Fuorisalone, so you can look out for it next week.  Ahhh so much design inspiration!

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Have a great Saturday dear friends!

Pictures: Agata Dimmich


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