Fashion Trends At Home: How to decorate with Mustard

Fashion Trends At Home: How to decorate with Mustard

Hello dear Passionshake readers!

This is Patrizia from Lilaliv and I was invited by Agata to share my decorating and styling tips with you on a monthly basis. I’m absolutely thrilled to be here and hope you enjoy my ideas and my style. In my first column, I would like to share how you can add a trend color to your living room without spending a fortune, and show you that a fashion craze can look pretty good on a sofa. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fashionista at all. I much rather invest in a nice piece of furniture than an expensive purse. Normally runway trends will never make it into my living room…until now.

I’m talking about mustard yellow!

From earthy mustard tones to bright yellow shades, the cheery hue is clearly the biggest fashion trend next spring and I have to admit, this time I am definitely a fashion victim. My usual color palette when it comes to decorating is more muted and neutral, but I like the yellow color tones so much, I just had to try to decorate with them.

It all started with two yellow cushion covers I recently bought over at IKEA. At first, I thought it was a total mispurchase, but once I paired the velvet pieces with my neutrals, it brightened up my living room instantly. Mustard shades work also really well with blush pink, so I probably will add some more pillows to my growing collection soon.

Easy change can also be achieved with new prints. Just swap them out once in a while, and you get a completely new look in no time. This beauty is from House Doctor and gives the room a beautiful fall vibe. By the way, if you are looking for new prints, check out Juniqe or DESENIO for a great selection.

Mustard colored candles or napkins are also a great way to cheer up your home. They look beautiful and instantly jazz up any table decoration. Pair them with dried flowers or pampas grass, another trend I see everywhere at the moment.

My conclusion when it comes to bringing fashion trends home? Try it out, but don’t invest too much money. You never know how long the hype will last, or if you get bored of it quickly. Remember, even small pieces can make a huge change and are easy on your budget. If you like more ideas on how to decorate with the trend color of the moment, just hop over to Pinterest, where I collected some more inspiration for you.

How about you? Would you ever bring a fashion trend into your house? I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

Have a great day and I’ll see you guys next month! – Patrizia

(Photography, Styling & Text: Patrizia Furrer)

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I also purchased a handmade pillow in mustard yellow and I never thought I would like that color but it does brighten up a room. I don’t follow a trend and usually purchase neutral items and decor items that are made of natural materials and colors.

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