Exploring Transylvania with Tisca, the region of craftsmanship and beautiful landscapes.

Exploring Transylvania with Tisca, the region of craftsmanship and beautiful landscapes.

Naturally beautiful landscape, the sounds of nature, dreamy hills and interesting mix of culture is what is surrounding Tisca rugs manufactore we visited last week during our trip to Transylvania, Romania. The moment I landed with the group of fellow bloggers I knew it was going to be a great adventure, not only exploring Romanian land but also meeting people whose passion for handcraft and quality materials has been a way of living for many decades. If you are like me and enjoy exploring places with history in craftsmanship let me take you for a walk in the heart of Transylvania!

Located right next to the idyllic town of Sibiu, in the district of Cisnadie despite all the possibilities of modern production, Tisca manufacture continues creating handmade, high-quality rugs according to the weaving tradition which the region is known for.  The result is a beautiful collection of interior rugs, made from pure virgin’ sheeps wool (fleece) which makes the rugs not only beautiful but aslo functional – two-sided (they can be reversed as often as you like) durable and easy to clean. Rugs play important rule in decorating homes, they define areas, tie all the different elements together, add warmth so it is worth to get one that lasts, would you agree?

If you followed my stories on Instagram (highlight: Romania) last week you probably saw we had a chance to tour the factory, learn about the process and try the classic, weaving technique to get creative and design our own-mini rugs (see my design here) I was impressed how much heart goes into each piece and how lovely the lady weavers are, it really does make the carpet special to see the stories and people behind it, the attention to detail, skilled hands and dedication.

Tisca rugs made with hand and heart

Where hand and heart combine, beauty is usually not far away. Before talented weavers can start creating the rugs the wool makes a journey through various parts of the manufactore. It all starts from the in-house yarn production which is being died with 96 different colors, in various thickness. In the spinning mill the wool is spun into yarn which is refined in later stages. In addition to wool, there are rugs made of linen, jute, sisal, cotton and mohair. Once the wool is ready rugs are being woven or braided. We followed the classic method for weaving our mini rugs which allows for two-sided use. The process is very relaxing, I could imagine myself continuing weaving as a hobby, I have to be honest I never imagined it can be so fun! Have you ever tried weaving?

Guided by professional and patient ladies, we chose our preferred colors and thickness of the yarn, then step by step hand weaved them into our own mini creations which are the best ‘souvenir’ from Transylvania. Next step will be choosing rugs for our homes which I’m going to talk about in the future post, I really can’t wait! The variety creates the possibility to choose a rug which perfectly fits your personal style, I’m very much looking forward to see one of those beauties in my home.

Below a peek into what is going on behind the scenes:

Cisnadie region

You can’t fully get to know the brand and its values without exploring its surroundings. During our visit we stayed in the lovely Casa Belvedere, located on the outskirts of Sibiu. A tiny, cute town surrounded by the green hills, sheep and apple yards was a perfect place to experience peaceful Transylvanian mood. On the first day w had a morning walk, watching the town waking up, followed by breakfast with traditional, romanian music, and yes a little dance or two! Isn’t it a great way to start the day?

Sibiu Town

Sibiu is a truly charming Romanian city, for good reason: beutifuful views, Saxon heritage, welcoming people and cobbled streets with colorful, historical houses to get lost. We spent an afternoon with the local guide, learning about the town and snapping pictures along the way. If you are planning a visit, I would recommend to:

  • climb the council tower for a pretty town view from above
  • walk around the old town including square Piata Mica and decay of colorful buildings
  • cross the Bridge of Lies (legend has it has ears and knows when someone standing on it is being untruthful!)
  • stare back at the houses with eyes
  • explore local Artists
  • try local desserts (I would say any, they are all good but my favourite was ‘papanasi’)


Blogger team!

From left: Niki (My Scandinavian Home), Holly (Decor8), Mette (Monstercircus), Desiree (Vosgesparis), me (Passionshake) and Igor (Happy Interior Blog / Urban Jungle Bloggers)

Dracula Castle

When in Transylvania, you can’t miss the legendary Dracula Castle (Bran Castle). Located high up on a rocky hill, it attracts visitors from all around the world. It is believed to have once held Vlad the Impaler prisoner. The infamous Romanian ruler was immortalized as the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel “Dracula,”. The link to the vampire made the Bran Castle popularly known  as “Dracula’s Castle.”

Is it spooky? Much less than I imagined. It’s a beautiful, medieval castle which is worth a visit, however if you are looking for dark, dracu-like atmosphere you should probably visit it during Halloween, an annual event retracing the steps of Jonathan Harker from the opening pages of Bram Stoker’s book. On an avarage day it’s a beautiful landmark so no need to bring garlic necklace with you!

As a visitor to Transylvania and Tisca manufactore you instantly feel at home, it’s the passion, tradition and warmth of the people that make you feel welcome. Special thanks to Andreas, Ines, Karina and the rest of Tisca family for making it such an inspiring and nice trip! I hope you enjoyed seeing it through my eyes.

Have you ever been to Romania? Have you ever had a chance to make your own rug?

If you would like to learn more about the quality of Tisca Rugs, make sure to visit their website where you will find more information about the process and custom possibilities.

Photos: Agata Dimmich / Passionshake

*This post has been written in collaboration with Tisca Rugs. All expressed opinios are my own.


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