Exciting news: You can NOW join our CONTENT CREATION E-COURSE!

Exciting news: You can NOW join our CONTENT CREATION E-COURSE!

Are you passionate about Syling and Photography? If yes I have something exciting for you!

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be teaching the upcoming Blogging Your Way E-course which will run from March 23-April 9th. Together with the one-and-only Holly Becker (founding editor of Decor8) we will tell you how to style and create beautiful content, ready to be shared as an authentic story online.

The e-course is open to everyone who wants to improve their styling & photography skills and learn the art of visual storytelling.

The program is packed with tips and tricks, sharing with you all what we’ve learned in many years of experience.

From March 23 – April 9th, you will learn :

  • How to find your focus and plan your photos in advance
  • How to set up a space for styling a scene and how to style interiors
  • How to style and shoot flatlays
  • How to create a consistency between your visuals
  • How to style yourself (and friends) into photos
  • Camera tips and tricks for bright and sharp photos (though this isn’t a photography class, one lesson will cover photography)
  • Product styling for companies
  • How to edit photos using Lightroom and your Smartphone
  • Case studies of stylists and what we can learn from them
  • And more about how to create gorgeous content for your portfolio, Instagram, blog, etc.

We will teach you through a balanced mix of:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Written materials
  • Live video chats
  • Questions you can ask us and fellow students in the forum


  • A brief professional evaluation of your final project by Holly Becker
  • 2 week free class extension until Monday, April 23, 2018 at 5:00 PM CET.
  • Full access to our student-only forum where you can meet and talk to us and other students
  • Lifetime access to our private Facebook page with 2,500 student members
  • AND you can download everything (except the two live


Why should you join this e-course?

When I started blogging, I struggled to find my personal style and felt overwhelmed by everything I saw online. My photos were a mix of anything and everything, without a specific aesthetics, hence they never had a chance to stand out of the crowd. Back then, I already knew that good stylist and photographer should have their signature style but I was worried I would never find mine, even worried I might not HAVE one. That’s when I came across Blogging Your Way classes, I took one and felt inspired and motivated, I learned what steps I need to take in order to move forward, I felt positive and ready to rock!

Yet back then, I never imagined one day my passion would become my work, and I would join the BYW e-course as a teacher! (Now , isn’t that a personal achievement?)

I will be sharing with you my in-depth process, how I started working with brands and made my career a dream come true. Hope you will find my journey and experience helpful to find your voice, improve your styling and photography skills and create beautiful visual stories.

E-course price:

This e-course is now enrolling, so sign up – and I’ll see you in class! We are waiting for you!

Photos: Agata Dimmich, Holly Becker


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