Entryway progress and new accessories

Entryway progress and new accessories

Hello you all and Happy New Week! How was your weekend?

We’ve made small progress on decorating the apartment. A small but happy one, with a drop of drama.

We are talking about part of our entryway, or ‘entryway-to-be’ to be more precise as the entire apartment is still giving me the feeling of indoor camping rather than living. I promissed to document the process, decisions and ideas with you so please be patient and don’t even think to skip all the “in progress” parts to go to the finished look (no, no, no!) It would be like flipping the book to the last pages without reading the whole story, the complicated plot, the dilemmas and tears before reaching the happy end (little exaggeration!)

Stay with me.

First of all let’s talk about the wall color. It’s a beautiful dark grey shade by Farrow and Ball (mole’s breath) which I’d been the most excited about when choosing the paint colors few months ago. I remember I couldn’t wait to see it on the wall so regardless the lack of electricity we stayed in the apartment until late, painting the third coat with as little light as the ‘torch’ on my iphone. (I know how it sounds but it seemed reasonable at the time to someone like me – impatient and insane).

Drama moment: For the first few days after painting I considered the dark grey shade to be too dark (also in the daylight) and wanted to repaint it. Husband didn’t agree so there was even more drama and silent days.

Few sleepless nights later, I fell in love again (both with the wall color and with my husband) and I think we might be reaching the happy ever after, as I seem to like the dark shade more and more each day now. Even MORE after I painted IVAR cabinet in the same color to match the wall and added a few of my current favourite objects – the gorgeous art print by Gurilla, the candle holder by Ferm Living and the Flip mirror by Norman Copenhagen (which will most likely end up in the bedroom when we get drawers)

I have to admit painting the cabinet has turned out better than expected, the surface is smooth and suprisingly spotless. I promise, it was me who painted it (I have a proof!) If you are considering painting any of the IVAR furniture yourself, I would definately say go for it, just make sure to use the roller brush and paint it as many times as needed to reach the chalky, smooth look. I think I painted it 4 times (the faurth one was probably not necessery).

For now we are still using the simple metal coat rack to hang our jackets but it will be replaced in the future. Oh and we got the &traditions, Formakami lamp I’m obsessed with (a little sneap peek below).

What do you think?

How do you like it so far? I’m curious to know!

Pictures and Styling: Agata Dimmich / Passionshake


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