DOMOTEX 2020 – Floors as key element of our well-being

DOMOTEX 2020 – Floors as key element of our well-being

Hey guys, have you visited Domotex this year?

I was not able to participate even though I had all my Domotex trip planned (gutted!). Fortunately, thanks to my blogger friends and social media, I felt a bit like I was there. Following online helped me explore this year theme – “Atmysphere” and interesting floor solutions representing it.

“Atmysphere” focused on properties that improve quality of life and enhance the ambiance of a room, with 6 highlighted aspects:

  • Floor and more
  • Green Living
  • Acoustics
  • Sustainable living
  • Well being
  • Outdoor


There is no doubt that floor coverings can be used to create enjoyable worlds of experience. After all, floors form the basis of the rooms in which we live, work and create our own personal atmosphere. Good room acoustics, heat insulation, a pleasant tactile experience, good climatic and health-promoting properties, sustainability as well as natural and pretty details characterise good flooring, wouldn’t you agree?

Since in the last two years I shared with you my report from Domotex, I decided to stick to that tradition and show you the highlights I spotted following online. Our task as a blogger team this year was to explore each trend and share our thoughts and creative moodboard on a given subject. My main focus was Floors & more which I discussed in details in my last post so today I would like to look at the bigger picture and talk about all 6 aspects.

Ready to explore them further?

1/ Floors and more

Floors & more  shows the materials used for carpets and floors ‘climbing’ higher. Stylists and decorators know that rugs are as effective on the floor as off it. Used above the floors they are a secret to create cosy, interesting, and elegant rooms. I’m thinking of textile art, carpets on walls, furniture made out of floor materials, carpet inspired interior decor elements.

Turns out carpets are a powerful tool to achieve better state of mind and make our homes and work spaces a better, healthier and happier place. Read more here.

As spotted at Domotex: Textile Art,  Serena Garcia Dalla Venezias floral textile Oasis, Art rug by CC-Tapis (Photo credits: Monstercircus)

2 / Green Living

Nature is making inroads into our residential living spaces in the form of carpets and other floor coverings made of wood, bamboo, stone, vegetable or animal wool and silk. Mette (Monstercircus) spoke about the ways to minimalize adverse effects on our environment and how our proximity to nature reflects the use of natural materials. “The engineered environment trend is all about mixing two conflicting elements: technology and nature. Science and technology help to create sustainable pieces that are as beautiful as they are good for the environment.”

As spotted at Domotex: TISCA Teppiche rug is handmade from pure sheep’s wool. They are not only beautiful, but regulate the interior climate and provide a unique living atmosphere (Photo credits: MonstercircusTisca)

3/ Acoustics

Why acoustics are important in our well being you wonder? Simply because a quiet atmosphere increases concentration and contributes to healthy mind. Quiet interiors can be planned into an interior design concept right from the start. Carpets, rugs, elastic floors with cork core or special underlays for parquet and laminate combined with upholstered furniture and special acoustic panels contribute significantly to the reduction of noise.

“Acoustics are important. If it is loud as a subway stop or quiet as a church – regardless – it affects you. The need of today is not necessarily about taking away all sound but control it.” Stefan (Trendstefan) who talked about the acoustic floors in his post.

As spotted at Domotex: The fourth Contract Frame – a great example of acoustic solution with textile floor coverings and comfortable seating landscapes. Second image: Soundwave ceramic acoustic panel (Photo credit: Domotex + Soundwave)

4/ Sustainable Living

“There is no planet B”. Desiree (Vosgesparis) explored the sustainable floorings. We could almost say sustainability has become a trend as the main focus of the designers is to find the best possible solutions to save the planet. “Many brands are aware of the problem and try their best to produce in a sustainable way. By up- and re- cycling, looking for new materials made out of unusual or natural substances or waste, using natural color pigments and more.” We should all be willing to change things and solve the climate crisis.

As spotted at Domotex: My mood by Lisa Behnke, Julia Linden, Fabienne Pult – a recycled modular flooring system, the project reconsiders construction flooring in terms of sustainability creating bespoke spa zones in both private and public spaces. Second image: eye-catching egg-shaped rug made with natural materials (CC-Tapis) (Photo credit: Domotex + Monstercircus)

5/ Well being

Holly (Decor8) focused on flooring as a key element to general well-being. Undoubtedly, the right floor or rug can have a huge impact on our physical and emotional health. But not only that. Choosing floors made well under fair conditions that are durable and sustainable is equally important.

“Well-being is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy….feeling good at home, having good health… It all really matters (…) . We long to connect with others, to touch, to laugh and fall into bed each night with a good feeling inside. This is why most of us can’t wait for vacation – time to get away and relax. For me, the wellness trend is all about bringing our favorite spa or travel destination home, so we don’t have to leave the house to feel nurtured and cared for. Why always long to go to a resort to rest when we can stay home – just make the home environment more supportive of your well-being!”

As spotted at Domotex: Dreamy installation and hand-knotted carpet “Ipanema Blue” made by Domotex exhibitor – Sarawagi which pays tribute to Mother Nature and the five elements that sustain life on earth. (Photo credits: Domotex + Sarawagi)

6/ Outdoor

As we spend more of our free time outdoors, there is an increasing demand for beautiful and high-quality outdoor flooring. Camilla (CamillaBellini) looked into the the tendency to make outdoor space more and more similar to indoor space. “We are recreating in the outside space, a real living space. A perfectly designed to bring us the same conviviality, comfort and functionality that we have in our homes.
And so, with this in mind, we are talking about upholstery, carpets, tables, decorative accessories, plants and all the things necessary to create our outdoor living space.”

As spotted at Domotex: Stone installation and sustainable outdoor flooring (Photo credits: Vosgesparis + Domotex)

As you can see Domotex 2020 highlighted the aspects of flooring products which contribute to a sense of wellbeing. The displayed flooring solutions promoted naturalness and sustainability. I’m curious to hear what you think of the above examples? Do you agree that floor coverings contribute to healthier environment? How important your floors are to your wellbeing?


This post has been written in collaboration with Domotex / Deutsche Messe. All expressed opinions are may own.


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