DIY Wooden Picture Holders

DIY Wooden Picture Holders

DIY WOODEN PICTURE HOLDERHello everyone! It’s been quiet around here recently, but I’m finally back so we can catch up. How have you been? A lot has been going on in the last weeks (new projects and future planning!), and I can’t wait tell you all about it but before I share the details, here’s a new DIY I made for you.

I realized that displaying small photos can get a bit tough, when we are looking for a pretty, ready-made solutions. I must confess – I have a big pile of small things in my studio, waiting to be framed, but finding the right size, style and look (all in one design!) turns out to be impossible. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternative ways to display small images, and as you might already know one of my favourite are DIY Wooden Picture Holders.

Do you remember the colorful version I made two years ago? I think it’s one of the most pinned Passion shake projects to date. To celebrate that I decided to renew the idea with the trending patterns and style. What do you think?

All you need to make this design are:

  • wooden cubes
  • spray paint + tape
  • small pegs
  • very strong hardware glue


Step by step:
1. Prepare your cubes for painting (sandpaper and wash if necessary)
2. Get creative and paint your cubes. Tape off your line if you want to have crisp lines.
3. Wait for the paint to dry.
4 Glue the clothes pins at the back of the cubes, using strong  glue.

DIY Geometric Picture Holders

And that’s it! They are ready to display your favourite photos. Hope you like the idea.

Project, styling and photography: Agata Dimmich for Homedit








Aw these are so cute and would work so well for all of the polaroids that have just been hanging around in my drawers recently!

– Natalie

Aga I Passion shake

Oh I love the idea to use them for polaroids, thanks for sharing it Natalie! I haven’t actually thought about it earlier. I’ve been wanting to make some polaroid shots for a while, seems like I already know where I will be displaying them :)

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