DIY Wood and brass wall hanging

DIY Wood and brass wall hanging

Hello dear Passion Shake readers, it’s Patrizia here, back with my monthly column. By now you probably know that my heart beats for DIYs. I love handmade goods to give as gifts or to display in my own home. Like any DIY addict, I have tons of material lying around the house. Believe it or not, I have four MALM dressers filled with stuff. In my defense, I have to say though that I use lots of it for work. So I guess it’s ok to hoard everything that could be used for a project. Nevertheless, I finally took an attempt to clean out a few of those ominous drawers, but instead of doing the Marie Condo, I made this pretty wall hanging. Not much cleaning was done, but hey, this little piece of art sure sparks joy right?

The wall hanging is utterly simple to make and you can use any material you fancy. Personally, I love the combination of wood, leather and brass. For me, it’s the perfect mix of boho chic, Nordic simplicity and warmth.

Here is what you need:

Large wooden beads and rings in various sizes, thin leather band, brass rings, an embroidery hoop (mine has a diameter of 18cm), thin square brass rods or a brass dowel, saw, scissors and super glue.


Cut one of the embroidery rings in half. Cut the brass dowel to a length of 25cm. Clue the brass dowel onto the embroidery hoop and let dry. Starting from the bottom, tread and tie the beads and rings onto the leather band and the brass dowel. Play with different combinations until you find the perfect arrangement. End with a small ring to hang your masterpiece.


Styling Tips:

Wall hangings look great on their own or in combination with other artwork. I love seeing them hanging on a picture gallery to soften up stiff arrangements. You can also try to go big! Build a piece that’s larger scale. Embroidery hoops are available in lots of different sizes and I’m certain a big piece would look great as an eye catcher on a living room wall. This wall hanging would also look great in combination with the paper artwork I showed you last month and give any wall a perfect whimsical, tribal vibe.

I got the inspiration for this DIY while browsing trough Corie Humble’s website. Do you know her? Corie makes the most beautiful brass mobiles and wall hangings. Stunning pieces that would look amazing over a crib or in any contemporary living space. One day I definitely treat myself to buying one of her creations.

So what you think? Ready to clean out your craft closet on the lookout for a few odds and ends and make your own pretty wall hanging?

I hope you have fun with this project and I see you next month!


Photography, Text & Styling: Patrizia Furrer for Passionshake

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