DIY Valentine’s Day Wall He-art

DIY Valentine’s Day Wall He-art

valentine's day inspiration (1 of 1)Oh Valentine’s, Valentine’s Day, how good to have you near again. The day of ‘Forever Amore’ is behind the corner, so it’s time to think of some special treats and tricks we can introduce at home. It shouldn’t be flowers, hearts or even chocolate that make this day special, but adding pretty decorations is always welcome (at least at my place!).

I see Valentine’s Day as a good excuse to get girly-girly and boost the lovely atmosphere around. Sometimes it’s good to have a day we can totally show off our inner (pink!) colors, even if it might be considered a bit commercial.

You know that I like rather minimal decorations so I tried to achieve a traditional V-Day look without turning my entire home red. As a result I created a giant – wool wrapped he-art, you can hang on your wall to surprise your better half, or girlfriends if you are hosting a little get-together. Imagine all those cute selfies you can take with this backdrop! Sounds convincing? It’s really easy to make, however be patient as it will take a moment to wrap the wool around the wire (love is kind, love means patience right?!)valentine's day 1 (1 of 1)

It’s a great DIY for anyone who doesn’t want to turn their home into Valentine’s Day headquarter or is looking for a simple backdrop for pictures. All you have to do is to wrap the yarn around the wire formed into a shape of a heart. See full tutorial on Homedit here.

VALENTINE'S DAY Heart decor (1 of 1)

What do you think? Can ou feel a bit of love in the air? *wink*

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Pictures: Agata Dimmich / Passion shake



Thank you for the pillow feature! This post is gorgeous!


    You are welcome Keema and thanks, happy you like it! 🙂


OMG. It’s like every girl’s dream! So pinky-pretty!


    Thank you! Haha every now and then I like to go a bit crazy with the sweetness around here 🙂
    Happy to hear from you Ida, how have you been?


Thanks for asking Aga! Good, same old life but I am planning to go travelling for a few months so very excited about that. Hope to get wifi occassionaly to stay in touch ;-))


    Wow, sounds fantastic! I could do with a few months away as well 😉 I really hope you do! Warm hugs xo

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