DIY Tribal Pattern Cushion

DIY Tribal Pattern Cushion

DIY Tribal Pattern Cushion

If there is one thing particulary trending these days – it’s the African mudcloth pillow with modern, tribal patterns. I’ve unintentionally created a cushion collection where most of the patterns are very simple and geometric – dots, grids, lines… less is more right? Plus they look great combined with one-color pillows.

My newest DIY resulted in an arrow pattern, which erm… yes, kind of fits the team. I made it as a part of the bedroom redecoration process, which you might be following on snapchat. I know, it gets a bit messy at times, but that’s the real  ‘behind the scenes’. The new drawers are already in, some of the frames and prints have just arrived, I am waiting for a new rug, hunting small details and the final look should be ready next month (hopefully!)

DIY Mudcloth cushion

In the meantime check out how I made the cushion (if you haven’t figured it out yet!)

You will need:

  • plain mudcloth / linen cushion case
  • fabric painting pen (i.e this one)
  • ruler pencil

Instructions are, as easy as drawing the desired pattern with a pencil before, then tracing it with a textile pen. Leave if for about an hour to be sure your pattern is dry and dress up your pillow!

It really can’t get easier than that!

DIY african cushion

mucloth cushion

DIY Tribal pattern cushion

How do you like it? Would you buy or DIY?

You can find plenty of tribal patterns pillows on Etsy here, bowever you know me… I DIY all! 😀

Pictures: Agata Dimmich


Stephanie aka FrauSchmitt

That’s a great idea, dear Aga. I’ll definitely give it a try. And I’m excited to see your new bedroom.
Even more excited to see what you’ll come up with on decor8 next month.
xo, Stephanie aka FrauSchmitt


    I’m waiting for a last few details to be delivered and will start decorating. Can’t wait to see the result too 🙂 Thank you Stephanie, hope you will like the new post!! xo

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