DIY Shiny Party Coasters

DIY Shiny Party Coasters

DIY-Shiny-Party-CoastersThey say “it’s the people who make the party awesome, not the drink” – but what about the coasters?! If you asked me, if there is anything better you can DIY, to decorate a carnaval table, I would say no – because I am totally convinced, nothing  is as effective as those little, shiny guys! (*until the next project, that is)

diy coasterThe year’s party season has started so if you are planning to host some fabulous events any sparkly decorations might be useful. Have a look at the full tutorial I have shared on Homedit here, to see how I made them.

diy party decor 2Are you ready to Party like there’s no tomorrow, enjoying your new table additions while the carnaval lasts? I just got back from the weekend in the mountains where we ‘tasting’ local red wine and herbal drinks. If it wasn’t for the typical (you know, very casual) mountains atmosphere I would surely pull out my new shiny creations! But then, I’m affraid that, the word ‘ridiculous’ wouldn’t be enough to describe the ‘place v style’ combination, so I decided to wait until the more appropriate occassion. I’m sure it will be soon (it’s my boyfriend’s birthday in 2 days!)

Cheers to the Party season guys!

Looking for more creative projects, check the DIY column here.

Pictures: Agata Dimmich / Passion shake for Homedit


Monique | WritingMonique

Wow. They are so pretty! Love this DIY!


    Thank you Monique! I’m quite pleased with the result too 🙂

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