DIY Peeling paint effect vase

DIY Peeling paint effect vase

Peeling-Paint-Effect-VaseI know what you are thinking – why on Earth would somebody make a new vase, look old and cracking on purpose?

But one of the recent trends involves finding beauty in the imperfections and styling your space with raw, unfinished or used items. Think of aged wood, cracking paint, fryed edges, broken plates. It’s about celebrating the process of creation, aging and traits it leaves. If you look at the trending images of homes, they often include this kind of vases and pots, but what to do if you home is full of new, shiny items?

Peeling-Paint-Effect-Vase-Remove-papperThe best place to shop for this kind of oldies are of course flea markets, filled with second-hand, often very ‘imperfect’ objects, however if you wish to experiment a little bit and create your own piece at home – I have a great tutorial to help you with that.
In case you have any doubts, we are going to take a new terracota vase, and then make it look old, by creating a peeling paint effect on it’s surface! Ready to ‘destroy’ the new and pretty? See full tutorial I created for Homedit here.

Peeling-Paint-Effect-Vase-Layer-of-GlazeI love it looking in this way! What about you? I think it would also look great in a balcony or patio area. Maybe the time of the year does not encourage to think about outdoors but how can you not when a thermometer shows 13’C? Seems like we are having an early arrival of Spring! Is it also so warm where you live?

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Photos: Agata Dimmich / Passion shake for Homedit 


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