DIY Modern Hanging Desk Organizers

DIY Modern Hanging Desk Organizers

Hello, hello. How are you?

cup4We are back from Poland after a long weekend filled with family events, which you might have witnessed on Snapchat. Lots of laughing, flowers and prosecco… ahh, it was super nice! Thanks to the lovely weather we spent most of the time in the garden, celebrating first communion of my little sister and gossiping. What else can you do during family reunions? *wink*

cup7And today, I have a new DIY idea for you which I shared in my monthly column on Decor8, so get ready to play along! I think it is important to keep an eye on the items we use in our daily activities like cooking, cleaning, working making sure they bring us joy – are they pretty? Do they make you smile when you look at them? Or are they only functional?

tut2-550I always believe it’s possible to combine all of the above and make some magic happen! This is why I decided to turn super-normal cups into the DIY Hanging Desk Organizers. It’s a great accessory to hold a little flower or those pens that always seem to disappear when you most need them. Problem solved! Now they will hang right in front of your eyes, so you can’t miss them!

Here’s what you will need to complete this project:

1. 2 simple plastic cups
2. drill
3. a string
4. round wooden stick
5. pink spray paint (specific for plastic)
6. black paint (specific for plastic)
7. paint brush
8. nail and hammer (to hang the cups on the wall)


1. We will start off by drilling little wholes in the cups, more or less 1,5 cm down from the top. Tip: If you’d prefer your cups to hang straight, drill two wholes in each cup.
2. Wash your cups well from all the dust and wait for them to dry well.
3. Using pink spray, paint one of the cups. Add splash pattern to the other, playing with black paint and the paint brush, then leave the paint to dry well (you don’t want to have it on your wall! *wink*)
4. In the meantime – prepare the wooden element. Cut it to the desired size and drill a hole in it, big enough to cover the nail with it.
5. Pass the string through the holes of your cups and secure well with a big knot, then hang them on the wall.
6. At the end, cover the nail with a wooden element.




That’s it! How do you like the result?

Pictures: Agata Dimmich for Decor8


Annie Abbey

This is such a cute idea! I am redecorating our office right now and looking for some unique ideas! Adding this one to the list 🙂
xx Annie


    Happy to hear you like it! The hanging part adds a bit of fun to the look. How exciting, looking forward to see your new office 🙂


I love this idea of painting some plastic cups and hanging them at different heights on an angle. I can imagine having 2 in the kitchen – 1 holding a sprig of Rosemary or some other fresh herb and the other with my cute little pastel measuring spoons. Then in our den, I can pop some stationery in one + perhaps some lavender from the garden to dry. Even in the kids bedrooms, they could have one next to their beds – tiny hand torch in one + little treasures in the other, or whatever their hearts desire. Shall let our imagines determine what the cups hold. Thank you

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