DIY Set of 3 Hanging Mirrors

DIY Set of 3 Hanging Mirrors

5 - DIY Hanging Mirrors (chains + paint)Happy Wednesday all! I’m very excited to show you another DIY post I have shared in my monthly DIY column on Decor8! Have you already seen it?

There is something magical about decorating with mirrors, apart from being stylish, they are very practical – they  open up a room, reflecting light, what makes a space feel brighter and bigger. That’s probably the reason why I keep at least one in each room.

How many have you got at home?

mirrors 6 (1 of 1)I’ve always loved hanging mirrors, in all possible sizes and forms – whether they are modern or vintage they add something a little more special than the standard plain ones, so I belive that having one (or 3!) on your wall is a great way to add a bit of character.

Today I will show you how to make a Set of 3 Hanging Mirrors with hand painted edges for a bit of non-traditional, cool look. Want to know what’s the best part? They are super easy to make (no drilling!), and the total budget for this project is 8 euros! (yep, for the set of 3!)DIY Hanging Mirrors

You will need:

– 3 small square mirrors (Tip: Instead of actual mirrors, use mirror candle plates – they come in many shapes and cost less than 2 euros each!)
– 3 chains
– spray paints (I used black and vintage gold)
– painters tape
– triangle hangers (2 for each mirror)
– metal wire (optional)
– metal cutter
– very strong glue (italian: super attack, polish: superglue are fine)

diy hanging mirrors supplies

And here’s what I did:
1. First of all I painted the edges of each mirror – in the set of 3, I got one black and 2 vintage gold. Tape around the edges of each mirror, cover the center with a paper and spray paint them. Wait for the paint to dry well.

diy hanging mirrors tutorial

2. Using strong glue attach the triangle hangers at the back of each mirror (make sure they are symmetric, by measuring the mirror and drawing a a line to guide you)

diy hanging mirrors tutorial 2

3. Create a little metal rings with a wire (tip: the easiest way to do it is to wrap the wire around the pencil, then cut the end with a metal cutter)

4. Attach the wire to the triangle hangers and hang your mirrors on the wall!

mirrors 5 (1 of 1)

DIY Hanging Mirrors

diy hanging mirror passionshake

I have to say I really love how they turned out and curious to know if you like them?
Have you got any hanging mirrors at home? Do you like this idea?

I will be back very soon with a new DIY idea so stay tuned!

Photos: Agata Dimmich for Decor8




I LOVE this DIY! We have this awkward space in our foyer that we’ve been looking to fill and I think this is it! Super excited to give this a try :)


    Yeey! Glad I could help Gabi and looking forward to see the result :) haha I know the feeling of awkward spaces…have a few to fill too!


Great post, I will have to try this DIY out in my new flat :-)


    Thanks Ingrid! Can’t wait to see what you do in your new flat, from what I saw looks great already! :)

Jess | Make and Do Crew

So smart to use the candle mirrors! And I really like how the antiqued spray paint looks. The whole project is fab! Pinned and shared :)


    Thank you Jess! I had a few at home and thought it was high time to do something with them :P

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