DIY Hand brushed containers

DIY Hand brushed containers

DIY Hand brushed cup setHello dear friends! How are you? Did you have a nice Easter break?

I’m back from Poland feeling very relaxed and energized, with a few extra kilograms as a side effect but it was in the plan anyway! I wish I could have stayed few days more with my family but it won’t be too long until I go back (38 days!), so trying to keep my drama under control.

DIY Hand brushed cup containersToday I have a new super easy, yet effective DIY for you which I couldn’t wait to share. If you are a design enthusiast, looking to bring some of the recent trends at home, with a handmade touch – this one is for you. The brushed-looking like containers are very popular these days, as they add interesting, unpolished accent at home. The problem with these beauties is, that they might not be easy to find and if they are…the prices tend to be quite high, so I figured a way to create them at home, for much less (if not for free!).

Get your brushes and let’s have some fun! Find full tutorial here.

DIY Hand brushed cup tutorial2

DIY Hand brushed cup ceramics

Ta daaa! What do you think? Will you make some too?

Have a great days guys!

Photos: Agata Dimmich for Homedit


Emma Liston

I love simple yet effective diys! Great idea 🙂


    So happy you like them Emma! These kind of DIYs are my favourite too ;-))

andrea lanyi

where are the instructions? what kind of paint? does the glass need to be prepped?


    Hello Andrea! You can find full instructions on the Homedit page, as mentioned in the post. I didn’t prep the glass, but make sure it’s clean before you start. Any paint suitable for glass is fine 🙂 Hope it helps!

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