DIY Easter Bunny Card

DIY Easter Bunny Card

So Easter is almost here! Are you excited? I sure am! After receiving so many sweet comments on the Photo cards, I thought I would share with you one more card I made this year. It’s definitely last-minute project so I hope you find it useful!
While looking for some pretty Easter inspirations, I came across a hand-drawn, free bunny printable at the Kates Creative Space, and I have to say it was love at first sight! It’s a beautiful sketch with attention to details, making the bunny perfect for all the crafty projects.
To make a card, you will only need a paper stock, double sided tape/glue and a printed bunny illustration from here. Then glue the bunny into the card and it’s ready. Told you it was quick! If you still want to give cards to your family or friends, I think it’s a really sweet idea 🙂
Since I’m already away for the holiday, I want to wish you all Happy Easter and lots of chocolate eggs! I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families and I will see you very, very soon! 🙂

If you want to see some more Easter inspirations, check out my Easter Pinterest boards.

 Lots of love, hugs and kisses!



Buona Pasqua Aga 🙂 Beautiful photos, great idea and thank you for sharing this nice printable with us. I might do some last minute cards 🙂
Baci x

Maria P Cleo

Świetny jest ten zając, bardzo fajna propozycja.

Joanna Dikl

A ja do mojego osobistego zająca właśnie się uśmiecham:)
Kolorowych Świąt!

Mile Maison

Cudny zając :)))) a i gałązka w butelce przepiękna :))) buziaki i Dobrych i Wesołych Świąt 🙂

Karolina z HOUSE LOVES

przepiękny zając, aaaaaaaa, bardzo pięknie się wpasował :)))))) ściągnełam go już sobie 🙂

Aleksandra Zielinska

Słodziak:) Najlepszego Aguś!

Latte House

Fantastyczny zajączek!!
Wesołych Świąt:-)
Pozdrawiam ciepło

gudy herder

What I like most (and I like the drawing a lot), is your beautiful photography, Aga! Hope you had some relaxing days! xx

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