DIY Design Inspired: Metal Candle Holders

DIY Design Inspired: Metal Candle Holders

DIY Canldle Holders 4Happy Thursday all!

In case you are here, looking for the easiest DIY ever, I have good news for you – you found it! If you want to make yourself a set of candle holders, you can find planty tutorials online – created from many different materials like concrete or wood, in many different finishes and colors but not many of them are as easy and quick as this one (speaking from experience!). Since the DIY is quick, I won’t keep the post long either, so you can get right into it!

DIY Canldle Holders 2

Here’s what you will need:

  • metal candle plates (however if you don’t have candle plates, you can use any other item as your candle base)
  • copper rings (you can find them in your local hardware store)
  • strong hardware glue (superglue / superattack)

DIY Canldle Holders 6

Glue the copper element to the base and wait for it to dry well!

DIY Canldle Holders 5

DIY Canldle Holders 3I have to say simple DIYs are always my favourite, which is why I am happy with the result. Do you like this kind of projects too, or you prefer more complicated tutorials?

Have you already seen the set of candle holders I made the other week…from quite unexpected items? Check it out, they are a bit more difficult to make but I think worth the effort.

Photos: Agata Dimmich for Homedit


Havalah Turner

Love it!! I’m adding this to my list. Also, I have to ask where you got that mountain print? I need to get that for my husband!


    Thank you so much Havalah!! 🙂 I’m sure your husband will love it, it’s one of my favourite prints too! By Sarah Coco Lapine, you can get from The Poster Club for example. Have a great weekend xo

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