Cosy with Casa – 3 steps to style minimal vase

Cosy with Casa – 3 steps to style minimal vase

How is the Autumn season treating you? Are you feeling cosy at home already?

Today I would like to share with you exciting news! I have teamed up with Casashops to style and photograph some of their beautiful products and show you how they look in my home each month.

Casashops and I have a long history, it’s one of the shops where I always pop in to to check the latest accessories and decorations, one of those when you feel ‘at home’ and each visit is like meeting an old friend. You might have noticed on my instagram, I do already have some lovely items from their collection so couldn’t be happier to team up with them and add more ‘Cosy with Casa’ items.


Let’s start with lovely vases I picked up the other day to introduce #cosywithcasa mood this Autumn. There’s something about a flowers in the vase that makes any space instantly more chic. Whether it’s a bouquet or a single dried grass, they add a touch of natural beauty to home. You know me well, I tend to go for minimalist designs and stylings so you won’t find in my home spectacular wreaths made with pines or orange pumpkins.

To me Autumn means feeling simply cosy, being surrounded by warm textures, candlelight and having a subtle touch of seasonal decorations. One of my favourite must be dried flowers and grass! I love everything about it – the texture, the color, the fact I can pick it up while walking with my dog (of course if we are lucky to find something nice-looking, doesn’t always happen!) The great thing about styling a beautiful vase like LOBA is that simple single dried beauty will be enough to create a nice look.

I’m not an expert it making floral arrangements but I tend to follow simple process to style my vases so I thought I would share with you what I do.


Here are my 3 simple steps to style a minimal vase:

1. Get a beautiful vase

Vase matters. Its shape, texture and colours will define the style of your arrangement. My favourite vases are handcrafted with a unique look or simple elegant ones in minimal colours. They are timeless and functional, ideal to show off the beauty of single wildflowers, twigs, leaves, straw of grass etc.


2. Choose flowers

Since it’s Autumn and I love the look of dried wildflowers and grass at home the choice was easy. I wonder if any of you know what is the origin of the wildflower I used here? Are you curious? It’s a dried leek flower, my mother in low picked up from her garden and dried for me “in case I need it for some styling” She knows me well, I must say!  I have to be honest I didn’t have a clue, leek had such beautiful flowers until few days ago and now it is my current favourite. I would suggest to go with your gut feeling when choosing your dried beauties and remember often less is more! One single, grass sometimes might look better than a whole bunch of them covering the vase.

Play with your arrangement until you are fully satisfied with the look, cut it to give it a perfect height, bend it to make it more Arty.


2. Choose spot for your vase

Apart from choosing a nice vase and beautiful matching flowers, it is also important where we display it. For the best minimal look, choose a place with no distractions around so the vase gets its desired attention, perhaps on the minimal bedroom drawers, side table or near the mirror for a an interesting effect. It will create a gallery like feeling, making it stand out and shine this Autumn!


I hope you enjoyed my 3 simple steps to create minimal arrangements and got a little bit inspired to make your own. If you do, I would love to see them! Make sure to stop by and let me know.

Casashops shopping:

Mirror – Ronda

Black vases – Loba

Have a wonderful Autumn afternoon friends!

Styling and photography: Agata Dimmich / PASSIONSHAKE for Casashops.


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