Colorful home of Miranda Skoczek

Colorful home of Miranda Skoczek

21So our wonderful, long weekend is coming to an end but just before it does let’s talk about something beautiful. If you follow me on Pinterest you probably noticed that I have a little obsession with Miranda Skoczek’s art. Ok you caught me, it’s not that little. I have always admired her vivid paintings and incredible way to use colors and it definitely is the type of art I would love to have in my home. What I find most engaging about her work is the fantasy image created with graphic elements inspired by nature, modernist design, architecture and abstract splash of color. I think I’m not going to lie if I say that I have never been so inspired by art before!Β 
The color and positive vibe is just as much present in Miranda’s beautiful home, as in her work. I’ve paired up photos of her Melbourne apartment with her art work so you can see how she brings color into her home, and how stylish it is!
Β It’s my little dream to own one of her artwork. Maybe one day it will come true πŸ™‚ So how do you like the style of Miranda? Do you have any other favorite Artists?Β 
You can find more of my favorite art pieces here.
Have a great evening!
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Art pictures: Miranda Skoczek


Filipek 70

no to życzę Ci Aguś, żeby to marzenie CI się niedługo spełniło :))) piękne obrazy …ja też znam kogoś kogo malarstwo mnie urzeka i nawet zagląda do minie !!!!!!Ameli z bloga Villa Artis !!!!

    Aga Tinca

    Muszę upolowac taki obraz bo niestety nie są łatwo dostępne.
    I właśnie dzięki Tobie odkryłam kolejny talent πŸ™‚ Dzięki Aga!
    Buźka :*

Aleksandra Zielinska

Z calego serca zycze Ci spelnienie nie tylko tego marzenia. Prace bardzo ciekawe, takie energetyczne i pozytywne:) bardzo do Ciebie pasuja!

    Aga Tinca

    Dzięki Ola…bardzo mi miło πŸ™‚ Z każdym cieplejszym dniem coraz więcej tej energii we mnie πŸ˜€ ‘Small steps every day’ i marzenia się zaczną powolutku spełniać (no może poza tym żeby namalować taki obraz :D)

Amy W

Thank you so much for this post! Miranda’s work is completely amazing.

    Aga Tinca

    Hey Amy, I know! I LOVE her work too! πŸ™‚ Have a great day x


Szary obraz z kroplami koloru jest nieziemski!

gudy herder

I am not so much into color and this type of art work but I truly like to observe what seems to be an inspiration wall at her home desk. This is what I always like most about artist homes! Have a wonderful sunny weekend, Aga and thank you for your mail! xx

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