Color story : Forrest Green

Color story : Forrest Green

color story: forrest green Sometimes I get totally, madly obsessed with ONE particular color, that if you gave me a corresponding bucket of paint, I would cover everything around me with it! (Who’s with me?)

But then, I come to my senses and realize, it probably wouldn’t be wise…you know – I don’t live alone…, I might not like it that much after all and… is the entire room painted green including furniture, people and dogs really a good idea?

Probably not.

So! I decided to go crazy HERE on the blog and drop a color bomb every now and then on you! I guess it might be a good thing if you are currently mad about the same color. In this case, we can obsess and sighhhh together, exchange thoughts and images. If not, perhaps you can get a little inspired, who knows maybe color moods are contagious? The last possibility is that my current color choice is not your thing, so you might want to close your eyes, because it’s going to get super colorful around here!

Today I want to share with you FORREST GREEN inspiration – resembling the color of the forrest trees and plants, the depth and mystery of it, and the harmony. I’m loving all the images below and I hope you will find them inspiring too. Have a look:

1. This neon sign at the Dinosaur Coffee

forrest green neon sign

2. This Bedroom green wall via Society Limonta

forrest green bedroom

3. This tent from the Three Rivers Deep (book series)

forrest green tent

4. Editorial  by OCULTO

forrest green girl

5. This console from Bolia

forrest green cabinet

6. This green kitchen via VtWonen

forrest green kitchen

7. These greens styled by Maria Grossmann

forrest green greens

8. This forrest window in a Loft apartment by Helenio Barbetta with styling by Chiara Dal Canto

forrest green window

9. This green bomb styled by Susanna Vento

forrest green shelf

10. This sweater from Arela Studio

forrest green sweater

11. Installation by Jung Lee

forrect neon

12.This green attic by Beppe Brancato

forrest green atticLove it? Hate it? I might not repaint everything around me after all, but I think a small green accent at home would look very nice – maybe a chair or a sideboard?

Have you got any forrest green items at home?

Please share, I would love to see them!


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