Cin, cin from Lago di Viverone

Cin, cin from Lago di Viverone

What would be a better way to wait for the sunset at the lake, few days before your Birthday than with a little bit of bubbly?

(Let’s remember, great stories rarely start with salad!)

Despite all protests, I turned  32 yesterday. I considered lying about my age (only for a minute or two) or just not telling you (for a few days), then my friend Holly told me that I should leave all that drama for when I am 40 and…I admit it seems reasonable.

There are few things that get better with age : wine (duh), sometimes jeans but also something very special, we often don’t appreciate as much as we should – our experience, self confidence, approach towards life and decision making. Studies show – the more years pass, the easier the task of making decisions becomes. The insight and life experiences adults acquire over time make them better equipped to choose from the possible options, well, wisely. That’s my degree in psycholgy speaking.

The wise decision making process lead us to pack our bags, escape the heatwave and spend the weekend at the recently discovered lake (Lago di Viverone) Have you heard about it? It’s not as big as Garda or popular as Como, yet it’s within 1 hour drive from Milan and it has it’s own, unique charm. Slightly more wild than the other two popular big sisters it offers a blissful atmosphere, comparable to Tuscany, yet by the lake.

We spent great evening, accompanied, by flower aromas of elderberry, acacia and honeysuckle tangle and twist with notes of citrus fruit, coming from the bottle of Blanc de Blanc, Perrier Jouët we had poped while waiting for the sun to set. The color of the glass, luminescent pale gold matched the soft sun, creating romantic setting, perfect for a peaceful evening. Ahhhh….

Cheers to making beautiful memories! Wishing you a great weekend ahead x

In collaboration with Perrier Jouët


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