Christmas ideas II – Christmas bon bons

Christmas ideas II – Christmas bon bons

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Happy Tuesday! Are you ready to get your craft on and make some festive decorations for Christmas! I am back with another project – how to make a simple Christmas bon-bons. As you might know, traditionally they are adorable Christmas party additions, attractively wrapped and filled with treats. When the right time comes, they are being pulled open and make everyone smile 🙂 In fact they might be used for other purposes. For example to wrap small gifts, as a pretty table decoration or confetti poppers at the New Years Eve party. Pretty, right? So let’s get wrapping!

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You will need:
-a cardboard tube
-white A4 paper
-color pigment (dye or food colorant)
-a string 

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How to do it?

Step 1 Place your white paper in a glass filled with mixed water and colorant.
For vivid color result keep it inside for about 20 minutes, for light color – 10 minutes.
Step 2 Let it dry for about two hours.
Step 3 Wrap the colored paper around the cardboard tube, bunch up the paper at one end and tie with a string.
Step 4 Fill the bon bons with whatever you like from the open end – sweets, confetti, written notes and tie it with the string.
Step 5 Decorate! I wanted to keep my bon bons simple, which is why I only glued a cut out circles of the same color on top of them.


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Do you have any festive decorations planned yet? 
Stay tuned for Christmas ideas III, here at Passion shake. 
Have a great day!



Beautiful. So stylish and cute 🙂 And pastel purple is my favourite shade!!
Thanks for sharing xo

Aleksandra Zielinska

Świetny pomysł. Wyglądają przepięknie. Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

Missy Messy

So simple but beautiful 🙂

Camila Rojas

Awesome idea!!!!! I love it I definitely gonna try this I love ombre things!!!!


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