Beautiful, minimalistic styling by Pella Hedeby

Beautiful, minimalistic styling by Pella Hedeby

blush interior stylingI’m sure that most of you have a few, all-time favorite images in your pinboards, you get inspired by over and over again. Confession: One of my guilty pleasures is in fact daydreaming, while looking at the beautiful styled corners. Sometimes I wonder if it’s normal (do you love doing it as well?) but then I think that, compared to my friend who spends hours looking at the photos of burgers online, my little addiction isn’t worth a concern.

After hours of admiring gorgeous homes, comes the moment when I want to know more about the images, see the full story or learn about stylists and photographers who created them, and I realize… there is ONE person connecting all of them! Saying I have a ‘styling crush’ here would be an underestimatement.

interior styling whiteIf you are in a mood for a dreamy, minimalistic, Scandinavian inspiration, you might be blown away by the work of Pelle Hedeby, just like I am. Here are some of my favorite photos from Pelle’s portfolio – the styling is so calm and delicate, yet very interesting. Have a look!  

living interior styling


nightstand styling


table styling


workspace interior styling

Styling: Pella Hedeby



HA !!!!!!!! AGULA WIDZIAŁAM I ZACHOROWAŁAM NA TE PATENTY !!!! zwłaszcza na moodboard !!!!! całujem Ciem 🙂


    Dokładnie Aguś! Te kolorki pastelowe ahhhhhhh 🙂

En estado de Rachel

I love the half painted walls! In muy studio is black and white 🙂

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