Apartment styling part V – Complete home tour

Apartment styling part V – Complete home tour

agatadimmich-interiorstylist12Hello dear friends. How are you? I’m working on a photo concept and styling of a new collection of ceramics, doing an intense Italian course and getting ready for my first Christmas here in Italy, that I already know is going to be magical!  Today I want to show you the full home tour of the apartment I have designed, styled and photographed some time ago. You have seen already living /dining room, kitchen, bedroom and work space so today you can see it all together in one place, including two bathrooms and a balcony. The apartment is now sold what means there are happy people living there already, so nice isn’t it?















I was also very happy to see it featured on Decor8 and Stylizmo

How do you like it? Spot a favorite room?

…and now is time to get totally Holiday obsessed, so get ready for the Christmas inspired posts coming soon!



Hi Aga.
I very love your home styling.Good job and good luck in Italy!!!


    Thank you Galina 🙂

Amy @ Homey Oh My!

Aga your home is so gorgeous it’s unreal!!! Amazing style. Curious, what camera lens do you use? The photography is stunning!

    Aga | Passion shake

    It is not my home but thank you! I have designed it and styled it and really like it too 🙂 For this apartment I used nikon d3100 standard lens and lightroom for editing. Have a great day x


We’ll done. A great styling job.

    Aga | Passion shake

    Thank you so much 🙂 Glad that you like it!

Jed Baron

Looks great!

Just wondering where those chairs are from? They look like Eames side chairs but with a slight difference. Cant find them anywhere on the internet though!


    Thanks Jed, I found them in the local flea market so I guess they are the italian version of Eames 🙂 (they are bigger than Eames and come with a comfortable cushion) unfortunately I don’t know if you can get them online, if I have more information I will let you know!

Anna Caroline

First of all what a nice blog you have. I am just back in blogging again after some time off and so happy to have stumbled upon your blog here.

I really loved reading through the process of this space – all from you being nervous to seeing the final product. Keep it going and we will stay tuned for more projects of yours in the future we hope 🙂 Wish you a creative week!


    Hello Anna and nice to ‘meet’ you 🙂 Really enjoyed working on this project, so glad you found it inspiring. I’m now finishing another one, where we are transforming a stand-alone garage into my studio. A lot of hard work, but seems like we are finally getting there! Love the style of your blog, will make sure to pop in from time to time. Have a great day x

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